For One I Haven't Met,

I've failed at every love before

And I'm confused beyond belief

I almost don't want to try anymore

Giving up is such relief

But then they tell me to wait for you

That somewhere, you're waiting for me,

That you want someone like I do

That you're sitting in the dark, lonely

I want to know who you really are

And I'm sure you feel the same about me

Do you wear a cross, a spiral, or star?

Do you say amen or blessed be?

I want to know where I'll find you

Where we'll one day find each other

In the slim chance we ever do

In the chance we'll really love one another

Just write me back one of these days

Not in words, as you'll never see this

Tell me my fear of love is just a phase

That I'm not terrified of a kiss

And, if I'm not sure if you'll like what you see

I'm not sure if I'll be afraid of you

If that's the case, I'm really, really sorry

But I don't know what else to do

                                                            Love one day,