A\N: I wrote it in Biology the other day when I ought to have been sticking some Aquaspirillum sinosum in the Bunsen burner. I'd much rather write twisted dark couplets than torture those poor archaebacteria. They never did anything to me!! Why should I stick them in a fire? The nerve of my teacher.. *rantbitchwhineyell*

Anyway.. this poem will appear in my story Under Meteors in chapter 12 (which I swear I'm working on! Really!!). Thanks for betaing, Pax. *pets her beta*




cold and frightened, stricken blind

searching yet you cannot find

icy darkness all around

helplessly fall to the ground

immersed in your despair deep

you hear them nearer, nearer creep

whispered voices near you mock

that you will never pierce the lock

which holds your treasure locked away

to keep you from the light of day

weeping as you lose your mind

stealthily your eyes go blind

if you could just see afore

then you'd suffer nevermore.