For you I'll live,
For you I'll breathe,
For you I'll stay,
In this reprieve

For you I'll sing,
For you I'll smile,
For you I'll fling,
Every denial

For you I'll chance,
For you I'll bet,
For you I'll dance,
In all the wet.

For you I'll die,
For you I'll sway,
For you I'll cry,
This very day.

For you, I used to sing,
For you, I used to laugh,
For you, I gave my zing,
For you, I gave my staff.

For you, I gave my soul,
For you, I gave my all,
For you, I have coal,
For you, I only stall.

For you, I am lost,
For you, I am dark,
For you, I gave the cost,
For you, I have the mark.

For you, I am dead now,
For you, I have lost my voice,
For you, I have no vow,
For you, I've lost my choice.

I gave my all for you,
You were my knight.
But I got lost in you,
And soon lost my sight.

This is the cost,
For being so naive.
I am forever lost,
In the big anti-reprieve.