Meta Story

It began when I looked out of the right-most window of my bedroom and saw that the sky was totally perfect. The clouds had just recently released their deposit of water unto the earth, and were puffy white. Except that the sun was also setting and caused ripplets of vivid red and orange to spread out throughout the cloud cover. The earth was soaked in water and looked quite drab in comparison to the clouds covering the sky. I instantly felt that I needed to write about it in a story. So I did. I grabbed my notebook that stored my blank pieces of paper and my pencil, and I started to write about my experience:

As I looked through my grand window and gazed across abyss and trees and vapor and many things that pertained to life (and some things that didn't), I quickly realized that something was amiss. The clouds hung there in the sky, so perfect, so lovable. They seemed to almost defy the laws of physics. Stained almost as red as blood, they drifted ominously as an omen of bad things to come. Perhaps instead, though, they represented good times ahead. I suddenly shouted, "I must capture this moment in writing, for fear of losing it!" I did just that and sat down to store my memory in my journal:

Today I saw the most beautiful scene unfold before my eyes. The heavens themselves opened up before me and revealed to me mysteries of life. It's a shame they didn't also tell me the solutions... Anyhow, my window seems to be much more than merely a glass of looking. It tells revelations of things untold. The other day my cat was trying to pounce on birds eating on the birdfeeder just outside it. The cat did not realize that she could not pounce through the glass just as the birds did not realize that they were perfectly safe. After I saw this incident, I was drawn to do a follow-up by writing about all of this and more in a short, fictional story:

The Looking Glass hung before me. It wasn't truly glass, but neither was it truly for looking. It was simply a name to help people know its purpose. It gave people ideas, insights, and more. It let one see whatever they could and chose to see. Understand whatever they could and chose to understand. I wasn't sure what I wanted to see or understand. I definitely didn't know what I was capable of seeing or understanding. Perhaps I would find out today and now. I reached out to grab the Looking Glass, but it reached out and grabbed me first. Not physically, not mentally. I couldn't explain it if I had to. It just grabbed me. And in that moment, I suddenly felt the weight of the world on my back. And in that moment, I suddenly understood everything that had happened to me. And in that moment, it ended.