"Part 1 & Part 2 Of Being In Love With You"
After a year,
Of pouring out emotion.
All the tears,
And silent, winded devotion.

It came to be,
You felt something new.
It wasn't for me,
Even though I felt for you.

It's come to pass,
That I will have to leave.
It wouldn't, couldn't last,
And that's the way it should be.

The bridge has been cut,
Its time to walk away.
There's nothing else to say,

See you again,

Probably not.

This is the end,
The beginning,
The climax,
Of a love story.
This is part one,
The sun.
This is part two,
The moon.
This is part one and part two,
Of being in love with you.

This is the bridge that Dominique built,
This is the bridge that Dominique burned.
And even though all the tears were spilt,
This is the way Dominique's world turned.

It happened to turn without...