Can I take some time?
To let you know my mind,
I'll allow you my dreams,
Although there not what they seem.

Can I free my soul?
For all I want is to by whole,
I want to let it fly,
Let it pass me by.

Can I set fire to my skin?
Let the embers begin,
Let my body burn,
Let my screams be heard.

Can I make my blood run?
And help my life be done,
Let me take my own,
I'm tired of being alone.

Can I borrow some hope?
Without it I can't cope,
Don't let me crumble,
I don't want to stumble.

Can I have your heart?
I won't rip it apart,
I just need some love,
No matter how tough.

Can I play with madness?
Or have a little kiss,
Either, either,
It's you I will miss.

By Siobhan