Caedra's Silence


After a while of never being heard whenever she spoke she decided that there was no point. Whenever she opened her mouth people would either ignore her or tell her to shut up. Well, she was going to try one last time. "I am taking a vow of silence." She said, of course no one commented so she walked out of the room.

Chapter One

She was going to be late for school again, she thought to herself as she splashed water on her pale face. She looked into the mirror. She wasn't ready to believe that the person staring back at her was actually herself. What happened to the little blonde girl that everyone thought was so cute? Her hair had gotten darker over the years, naturally darker. She tried to dye her hair every year, but it just kept growing back darker so she gave up.

"Caedra, c'mon honey, were gonna be late." A voice called from downstairs.

She was surprised to this day that her mom still called her honey. Caedra walked across the hall to her room and grabbed her backpack. She walked downstairs to the lighted kitchen. The television was on even though no one was in the room. She found her coat in the mess of fabric that hung from the coat rack, slipped on her tennis shoes and opened the garage door.

Her mother was waiting for her in the car. When she saw Caedra closed the big white door behind her she motioned towards her watch and Caedra got into the passenger seat.

"How are you today, honey?"

Caedra shrugged.

"Don't give me that Caedra!"

Well, you should have thought about want you didn't want before you had a baby. Caedra thought, but no words came out of her mouth.

One the way to school Caedra started pulling at the thread of the half blue sock around her wrist. Her mother looked over.

"What's that?"

Caedra stared out the window.

"Why are you wearing a sock on your arm?"

Caedra shrugged again.


Caedra saw the school parking lot was only a few car lengths away so she opened the door and jumped out of the moving car. Her mother was about to protest, but she was late for work as it was.

Caedra walked through the parking lot as slowly as she could, wishing she was anywhere else. As she walked up to the school doors she almost slipped and fell on the ice. She used all her strength to open one of the big red doors and when she took one step into the school the homeroom bell rang. She was late. She walked to her locker, put her jacket on the hook and walked into her homeroom.

"Look class, Caedra was almost on time today." The gray haired teacher said.

The class stared at her. She gave the teacher a weak smile even though she felt like ripping up the little paper he was writing on, and took her seat.

Homeroom at Blue Springs High School was only ten minutes long, but to Caedra it felt like hours because she had no one to talk to. She recognized some people from her other classes, but not well enough to sit by them, let alone speak to them. Who would want to socialize with her? After all, she made no attempt at doing to the same with anyone in that room at least.