Spread Your Wings

And in the end it's true that you can only trust yourself,
There will never be a person who won't ever turn away,
And everytime you hurt, you'll be reminded of your past,
Your life will fall to peices, as though it were made of clay.

The people in your life will never come to know you fully,
An air of mystery surrounds the life which you now lead,
The first cut is the deepest but the rest are just as painful,
And the tears fall from your eyes, just as your scars used to bleed.

One day things might get better and you can have a rest,
From all the grief and heartache which has stalked you all these years,
You can shut your weary eyes, and fall back into slumber,
A happy dream may bless you, ridding you of sorry tears.

My friend, I'll make a promise which will be with you forever,
If you're true to who you are, if you don't let your soul lie,
Then you'll never have to face a battle you can never win,
And your fragile wings will spread and you'll be strong enough to fly.