A/N: Only 3 out of the 8 heroes of the story. I'm going through some editing in this story just fix some errors while working on new chapters of Shadow League. I'll get rid of this as soon as I edit and add all that I can.

Name: Jake Albert Umara

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Height: 5'4

Birthday: November 18

Hair: Black

Eyes: brown

Family: Mother, Father, younger sister

Fav. Food: Hamburgers

Element: Fire

First Ability used: Blazing Fist

Bio: Jake is your average teenage boy who is going through the trials of any other teenage would. He is the leader of the Elemental Titans and the first to have his power awakened. He questions about where his life is heading and what path he is walking on. He is a nice guy who you can rely on. Once discovering his power he seeks to discover himself as he continues to fight.

Name: Amy Cornelia Angelo

Age: 14

Height: 5.3

Birthday: April 20

Hair: Dark Brown.

Eyes: Teal

Family: Father, Mother, brother.

Fav. Food: Curry Rice.

Element: Wind

First Ability used: Gust Buster

Bio: A friendly, sincere girl. She is very feminine unlike her best friend who is the exact opposite. She is easy to get along with and cares about those around her. She was the next person to have her power awaken after Jake. Truthfully she hates meaningless fighting or she hates fighting in general, but she has a reason to fight alongside of her friends. She likes relaxin

Name: Ryu Rupert Orlando

Age: 14

Height: 5'4

Birthday: February 10

Hair: Long spiky read hair

Eyes: blue

Family: Father, mother, brother

Fav. Food: Chili Fries

Hobbies: Joke, pranks, comics, and pool.

Element: Lightning

First Ability used: Lightning Strike

Bio: He's the goofy guy who makes jokes all the time, carefree, and tries to cheer everyone up with his usual puns and pranks. He is the guy who will jump into a situation without thinking or just get into trouble. He likes to take it easy and wants to be the very best. He hates it when people are not confident in themselves and tries to prove them wrong with what situation their in. Few people know that inside he holds an iron clad of honor and very loyal to his friends.