Debris covered the area, buildings were damage and roadways were decimated due to the Chaos Novas' impact. Though, that wasn't a concern on the Guardians and the friends of the Elemental Titans. To them they were friends, comrades, pupils, crushes, rivals, and students. It looked like the group had sacrificed themselves to destroy Valcron, but their powers weren't enough to destroy the Chaos Nova. That is what got them it seems it was Valcron last token destruction as he wanted to destroy the city, but now he would glee if he were alive that the Elemental Titans were dead. Yes, his millennia old enemies were dead. Not only that, but the teens who harnessed their power were no more. No longer would they experience the pressure of growing up and exploring new things. No more, now their spirits stay in the afterlife.

"THIS IS NOT FAIR!" screamed Lance as he banged his fist on the ground. "WHY DID THEY HAVE TO DIE! WHY!"

Rei turned her boyfriend. "Lance."

"Oh don't Lance, me Rei. I have every right to mourn."

He turned to Jex. "I bet this is what you want, Jex. Yes, what better way to kill your rival off. I bet you take joy in that don't you?"

"I bet you take the joy in interrogating people based on their resentment for person. No I wouldn't want to kill Jake. I would humiliate him so badly that he wouldn't show his face around here."

"Hmph, I bet you would."

"Lance stop, quit blaming him!"


"Reis' right Lance." said Diana. "You can't just blame people since you don't have enough information on them and how would you know Jex wanted him dead."

"C-can we please not talk about it right now." said the purple haired girl.

"Naomi, how can we?" said Jamie. "Our friends are dead."

Lance turned to the red haired Canokian. "And you knew this would happen. PILOT YOU KNEW! No, not jut you, but all of you. I THOUGHT YOU ALL WERE COOL!"

The Guardians stood silent not answering him. "Huh?"

"Shut it boy." barked Jarlon.

"If we found another way, then would" stated Yojo," but we didn't. Even though fate has made them into Elemental Titans I guess they had to have sacrifice to achieve victory and have peace."

"Besides, it happened 1000 years ago, so I guess history had to repeat itself."

"NO! HISTORY DOESN'T HAVE TO!" All eyes turned to Lance. "Damn it you don't have to follow your destiny. Sometimes you can create your own. Make a path to your future. They didn't have to make that path and they may under that pile debris alive for all you know."

"My scanners can't trace their energy signatures." said Heina.

"So have my senses." added Zeracakja.

"To hell with that! I have a gut feeling they're alive and I'm going to find them by digging in that mess to find them. Screw you all!"

Lance ran towards the destroyed fortress, Rei tried to stop him, but the teen was far out of her reach. Suddenly a bright light appears which caused the red head to stop. Everyone, including Jex, gazed upon the light. The light descended to the ground and gave a huge flash before it disappeared. Lying where the light laid were all eight of the Elemental Titans unconscious. Everyone looked at each other and back at them before making a move.

"Quick, get them back to ship. They need to recover!"

Yojo picks up his teleportation device and looks over at the other teens. "You coming?"

They nodded as they ran towards the group.


In outskirts of the city, scars from the battle between Blaze and Faiza have slowly faded. In the middle of field were two dirt mounds and a pile of rocks in front of them indicating that someone is buried here. Then a gloved hand rose out from one of them. The figure rose fully from it with a growl. He rubbed his head and searched around his surroundings in a confused manner.

"I'm alive?" he muttered as he got up.

Then another being arose from the other and this being was female. The female had shock expression on her face, and then stared at the person who got up before her.

"I'm alive, but I thought I was."

"You were Silvisa." said the now resurrected Faiza.

He looked at him hands and then gazed all over his body. He laughs which brought confusion to his sister.

"I'm alive, we're alive. I don't know how, but we are. Isn't this wonderful sister?"

The purple haired Canokian lowered her head and shook it. "I don't know, we've done so much wrong and I don't want this guilt to plague my heart."

The silver haired Canokian chuckled. "You don't understand, we get another chance to live. At least I get another chance to do what I should finish. Come Silvisa we're going back into the city."

She looks at him with sorrow in her eyes. "What?"

The twin bladed forms an evil grin, well not evil, just badass. "To find Jake and continue our fight."


Darkness surrounded the area, no light just darkness. Nothing can be seen, but all you can hear are voices.

"How long are they going to sleep, it's been an hour since they appeared.."

That voice? It sounds like Heina.

"Have patience, they come about soon. They're not in comatose, so it would be anytime they wake up."

Wait, that's Pilots' voice.

"Ryu and Lina are awaking. It wont be long now."

Jarlon? What happen to Ryu and Lina? In fact what happened to everybody? Must get out of here!

"Jake is stirring it seems like he's about to awake. Jake, Jake wake up?"

Two holes started open and the first thing he sees were the faces of Heina and Pilot. Jake sits up from the bed he is lying on and rubbed his head.

"So you're alive Jake?"

Jake looked at the red haired canokian who for the first time since he knew him showed a smile. Woah, talk about a surprise, pigs would fly if he ever smiled. The raven haired eyes snapped and looked around the room to find that he is in some time of medical room. He turned to look at all his friends sound asleep, except for Ryu and Lina, who were just as confused as he was. He turned to his left to find Amy unconscious. He formed a smile and lean over and kissed her. She started to stir and opened her eyes. The first she saw was her boyfriend.

"Jake!" she said silently.

Of course the silence was cease when a certain red head decided to go nuts.

"WE'RE ALIVE! YAY! WOO HOO! We're alive, we're alive!"

He jumped from the bed and started do a ridiculous dance, he failed to notice that wasn't in his uniform anymore, the group had reverted back as soon as they entered the base. He was in his normal clothes only he didn't have shirt on. In fact Jake noticed he didn't have shirt on either. Lina sighed.

"Okay, you can stop making a complete fool of yourself."

"I can't, we're alive, we made it out. We're Christina!"

"She's right next to me." said the now awaken Sam. "Thanks for that sudden outburst that really ruined my sleep."

He smile widen. "Glad to help ya."

He rushes over to Christina bed. "Hey marine girl wake up."

She started to stir. "That's' it fish girl just get out of your natural habitat and swim to the light."

With that said he received a fist to the face that knocked him on the floor. The raven haired girl sat up with an annoyed look on her face.

"I told you not call me that and is fish girl the next thing you going to call me?"

The red head jumped up and he was kind've of peeved.

"Hey, fish girl is my new name for you. I was thinking of calling you mermaid."

"Oh ho, yeah sparky?"

The two suddenly notice that neither them had a shirt on, well Christina had a bra on. They blushed deep red, and then the raven haired girl pulled the covers over her.

"Don't look perv."

"Hey you were looking at my abs."

"Enough of the rambling."

They turned to awaken Jack. Tanya had risen from her slumber after hearing their argument.

"He's right." said Pilot. "I'm glad you guys got out of there alive."

Tanya blinked. "Oh how did we get out anyway?"

Ryu folded his arms. "Yeah, that is a mystery to me."

"We used the Gekan Orb idiot. I bet the hit on the head had left you no memory of it."

He snapped his fingers in realization. "Oh yeah, now I remember. The Gekan Orb hit me on the head and I gave it Jake, who wished for us and the Crystal to be out of there."

"It was good thing the Gekan Orb had power to spare, because now it's energy is depleted and it will take 50 years for it to refill." stated Pilot. "And the Crystal you got from his fortress had disintegrated when we tried to examine it."

"Oh my." said Amy. "I'm glad Jake used one more wish on the Gekan Orb to get us out of there."


The lightning titan gazes down on what dropped on his head. "What? The Gekan Orb!"

"What? Here, just as this time we finally found!" shouted Blizzara.

It's our ticket out of here. Ryu, give it to me! Quickly!" shouted Blaze.

::::Flashback ends.::::::

"Ryu, gave the orb to Jake and wished us out of there." stated Jack. "But, after that wish I saw his mouth mumble something."

The spiky raven haired teen eyes widen. "You did?"

The others noticed him getting a bit nervous. Amy moved over to try to get him to speak.

"Jake what else did you wish for." She said with a serious tone.

"Uh nothing, nothing at all babe."

"Jake, you're lying to me, I know because you nose twitches when you lie."

"It does?" wondered Ryu.

"Amy, I didn't wish for anything else."

"Oh really?" She leaned in closer and flashes her eye lashes in a.. seductive way.

"Jakey, tell me what you wished for."

She gave him the puppy eye look. No one can possibly resist the puppy eye look. Jake gave in and told her.

"I wished for Faiza and Silvisa to be revived."

"YOU WHAT!!!" shouted Jack. "Are you mental Umara!"

"Jake, why? Why did you wish for those two to return?" asked the upset brown haired girl.

"Listen, I wish Silvisa back because when she died I felt her reconsidering what she was doing and I felt bad for killing her. As for Faiza, it was unfair of him to be killed by Valcron and we didn't finish our fight."

"Jake, that was unwise." said red head girl. "Now we have to worry about them coming after us."

"We're going have to be on guard from here on out." said Sam.

"Great, it's Valcron all over again." pouted Ryu.

"Not necessarily." said the Guardian leader.

"What's that suppose to mean?" wondered the black girl.

The red head Canokian didn't say and thing and nodded over to Heina whom nods back and walks toward the door. The door slides open and she steps out motioning for someone to come in. She steps back in and behind her were two familiar beings. The teens, excluding Jake, were taken back by the appearance of Faiza and Silvisa.

"Why are they in here? How did they get in here?" screamed Christina.

"Twenty minutes ago, Selen-ja, Yojo, and Jin went out to make sure nothing survived explosion. Evidentially it did."

"I'll take over from here." spoke the silver haired Canokian.

"As soon as they were about to leave, Silvisa and I confronted them. I tried explaining, but Yojo and Jin were about to attack when Selen-ja stopped them. Basically she felt Silvisa and I weren't in the dark in anymore."

"So what your saying is that the darkness is removed from the both of you?" asked Tanya.

"How can we be sure you're not faking this whole thing and your not trying to kill us."

The purple haired Canokian stepped beside the her brother.

"Please." She pleaded. "I'm not asking if you could trust us again. I understand if you won't forgive us, but I feel terrible. I wish I could go back and stop myself, but there's nothing we can do to change what has already been set in stone."

Jake and Jack gazed at her eyes and saw sorrow in her eyes. She was speaking the truth, and if she was then Faiza was being honest as well. The bandanna teen knew she had too much guilt burdening her heart so he did the only thing he could think of.

"No problem." All eyes turned to the lone wolf. "I too have guilt in me that it will take a some time to heal. What you did may not be your fault, but shouldn't have given into temptation. No matter what, sometimes taking punishment from the one who tempted to you is better than fulfilling that deadly desire."

Everyone agreed on his statement, knowing that the past has happen, now what they need to do is decided what to do from here on out.

"Yeah, you cool in my book Faiza." said Ryu.

"Silvisa, we can go do something so we can get to know each other more." said the brown haired girl

"That won't be necessary." stated Pilot. "We told the council everything about what happened since the beginning of this adventure. Apparently they want Faiza and Silvisa up against the court to decide their fate."

"Can't they stay here for awhile?" asked the raven haired girl.

"I'm sorry, but we have to go. The council wants to decide our actions and it may not be good." said Faiza.

"What no way! Tell them the shock master says there okay and then they'll listen. I mean we're the Elemental Titans."

"But still you have to obey the law!" stated Pilot. "I'm sorry, but we have to leave immediately."

The teens were upset by the sudden news. They were planning that after this was over they could have a party to celebrate, but it would have to be cancel for a meeting with court. Faiza turned to the spiky raven haired boy.

"Jake, listen, some day if the council decided to let me off with a year services for the planet. I want you to know that someday we'll fight again and this time it won't be interrupted."

The teen forms a grin. "I knew you would say that. The way fought was awesome even though you were threatening my life."

The entire group laughed. Faiza stops laughing and forms a cocky smile.

"And I'll win."

"Oh really? Put er there."

Jake extends his hand and they shake on it making a pact that someday, they'll meet and have their fight. Reinstar walks into the room.

"All systems are operational. We're ready when you are Pilot."

"Jarlon, Heina, join up with Zeracakja and commence the take off."

Jarlon and Heina nodded and walked out of the room.

"Reinstar take the kids outside, they're friends and some presents are outside waiting for them."

Reinstar nodded and turned to kids.

"Come on, get dress and follow me."

Everyone nodded and put on their clothes. Jake looked at his new rival and smiled before leaving. The group stepped outside to find Lance and others waiting for them.

"Jake, you guys did it! You beat Valcron and saved the world!" shouted Lance.

Jex glared at the Jake, before forming a smile. "Hmph, you did good, but." His smile quickly faded. "That still doesn't me I can tolerate you, it just makes me angrier even more. You're now a famous hero that everyone will look up to."

"Geez Jex lighten up." said Jamie.

"Jack, I'm glad you're alright." greeted the purple haired girl.

"Thanks Naomi."

Naomi notices Christina giving her a thumbs up.

"Great, great, now where are the presents? Pilot said there were presents out here?" asked the excited red head.

"You mean this suit case?" replied Diana.

"I checked, it's a laptop made for tracking, analyzing data, and anything that can be used when researching something. Also it has equipment for hack as well. It's for you Lina, I hear your smart, but you don't want to show that side."

"Gee, thanks." she said dryly.

"Linas' a nerd?" asked Ryu.


"Woah, sorry."

"Lina, I guess since the Guardians decided to make you the smart, strategic member in the group right next to Jack." said Tanya.

"Is there anything else in there?" asked Ryu.

Rei reached into her pocket pulls out some controller device.

"This activates a training dimension so that you can train here when you feel like. Pilot said you need to stay in shape."

Diana and Rei handed them their presents.

"These will be useful to us, we won't have to damage the landscape." stated Jack.

The Guradian ships' engines activate, commencing the lift off. Everyone distance themselves away from it from so they won't have to burned the engine or blown away by the strong winds. Everyone watched as the ship was lifted off of the ground and takes off in sky. The ship flew from the Earth and begins the long trek to Galvania. Back on Earth, everyone gazes at the sky seeing the ship disappear from their sight. The will remember the adventures they had, good and bad, but most importantly their friendship especially between the Titans. They had learned valuable lesson and the importance of teamwork. Figuring out what they were meant to do and learn through the hardships.

2 months later

In her room, Lina was getting ready to go out to meet her friends for a movie, until her new computer from the Guardians made a noise. Curious at what it was, she went to her desk, opened her laptop and checked what made the noise.

"I got Galactic Mail huh? I swear I need to block those stupid space ads I keep getting."

When she opened it, she was surprised at she saw. It was a message from the Guardians.

"Lina, I'm sure you haven't yet attached the Open Com Link, but that doesn't matter, the council has made a decision about Faiza and Silvisa. The council reviewed the data, including the one about Jake wishing for them back with the Gekan Orb, which was brought as evidence as well. They decided that they put them to work for a year. That means doing errands and services that are brought to them. This is a good, thing because they won't have to be in solitary confinement. So after a year they can be free. Silvisa wants to continue to be a member of academy and Faiza will train to become a soldier. Everything is going rather well. So good bye and I'm hoping we'll see you all soon."

Signed, Pilot.

Lina smiled and printed out the e-mail. She rushed out the door to show to her friends. They will be pleased about. So now the adventure ends for Elemental Titans for now. What other adventures await them? All you can say is that whatever it they will be sure to take it on achieve victory.


WOO HOO!! FINALLY IT'S DONE! After a year its done. Thank you for reviewing, but the adventure for Jake, Ryu, Amy, Lina, Jack, Sam, Christina, and Tanya doesn't end here. Keep a look out for. Power Elements: Shadow League. Go to my profile for details.

Well I have some things to say about this. You see I first thought about writing this story since five years ago, but I didn't have the motivation do it. Originally I thought of six warriors, then it moved on to eight. Then I had to give them a name, So after many thoughts Elemental Titans sounded okay. Then you do the stuff with the characters yadda yadda, bing bang boom. Pombah.

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Trouble at the Football game


Time to get back to nature

Jakes' trial by fire. Faizas' challenge for the titans.

Troubled hotline: This will appear next season

The Elemental Titans save Christmas!: Heh, you have no idea how cliché this is. I swear its been done too many TIMES!

Tests of Nightmare: Bascially something happened at the school and the group challenge the monster to an academic battle

Valentine havoc: You know what this is. Something happening on valentines day and people HATE each other.

Coming of the Phantom Star: Well after the titans were done training Valcron decided to unleash something called the Phantom Star which would destroy all life.

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