"Did You Ever"

Did you ever wake up in the morning,

And feel your bones want to snap?

Did you ever open your eyes,

And then instantly wish you were blind?

Did you ever learn how to swim-

Only to tread water just to drown?

Have you heard a baby crying,

And wanted to take away its pain...

Or hunger... or loneliness?...

By using a pillow?

Have you listened to a wolf howl in the night,

And for the first time...

Honestly welcome the sound?

Have you delivered a child-

With nothing in your heart but love?

Close your eyes only once,

When you sleep like the dead.

Open your eyes always,

When you walk amongst the living.

Sing with all your heart,

With all your sorrow,

With all your love...

Cradle with your arms and all that you are,

To keep warm your children,

To keep them close to your breast.

To feel your own life pulse within your chest.

Did you ever look upon a still lake...

And wonder not how many have drown,

But how many have learned how to swim...

So they'll never see the bottom?

Did You ever...?

I'm not sure why I wrote this- just that these thoughts had to 'get out'. I don't know how many of you have ever felt like this… Any thoughts or ideas about this poem would be greatly appreciated! J