Sleep sound in your warm bed,
Your sweet dreams fluttering in your head,
Let me be there, to drown your fears,
And let me wipe away your tears.
The butterflies dance through the sky for you.
The angels sing their song of peace for you.
I will be your butterfly dream.
I will be your guardian angel.
You know how much you are to me,
You could be blind, and still would see,
We will one day be together at last,
We'll stay side by side, till the moon has passed.
May your sweet dreams last forever.
Let me stand, and cherish you.
You are so much to me.
You are my best friend.
It's nice to hear about your love,
Like you were sent from up above,
I hope I tell you how I feel enough,
But you know me, disliker of mushy stuff.
We are the partners in crime.
Emotion shared is pure.
Let me feel your laughter
My beloved one, my best friend.