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"10 people dead in 7 days. It's Kitten. It has to be." Ben shoved the newspaper article, '10 people dead in one week', into his colleague Graeme's face. Not one the best things to do on your second day as a staff member of the Institute, but oh well. He was a proper staff member, with the card and uniform to prove it, and to top it off he wasn't implicated in Kitten's almost-escape and death. Graeme swatted the newspaper away. "She's dead, Ben. Six of us saw it, and you've seen the tape. It can't be her."

Ben shook his head. "She's still around. I know it. She's. amazingly, incredibly intelligent. She'd have found a way out, she wouldn't have." his eyes burned, and he quickly rubbed them on his sleeve. He'd cried for the first time in years when he first saw the security video of Kitten's death, and he wasn't going to cry again. At least, not in front of someone else.

Graeme grinned. "All right, if she's alive, find her and I'll help you get promoted. If you recapture a former inmate you'll go rising to the top." He chuckled, and absorbed himself in his own newspaper. He didn't hear Ben's quiet murmur of "Actually, that's a good idea."

It was 7 o'clock. The sun would be setting soon, he had to get ready. His daughter was out of the house, that was important, and he was armed with stakes and crucifixes. If Kitten really was alive and she tried to attack him, she'd have a major struggle on her hands.

Ben scampered around his house, secreting suitable weapons in inconspicuous places. This done, he hung the carefully printed note, "Come in, Kitten.", on his front door, and settled down to wait. He didn't have to wait long. The sun had barely set when there was a quiet cough behind him.

He jumped up out of his chair and span around but there was no one there. "Kitten, where are you?" he called out, his heart starting to beat harder. Over the last half an hour or so he'd begun to doubt himself, wondering if his confidence in Kitten was misplaced. After all, he'd seen the video, and it certainly looked like she had. died.

There was a voice, again from behind him, but again there was no one there. "Am I safe from you, Benjamin? I count 5 stakes and 3 cruci- crucif- crosses in this room alone. If you've called me here to attack me I'm going straight back out."

"That's a silly question." Ben said to the ceiling. "If anyone's in danger here it's me. I want to talk to you."

There was a pause, then a laugh. "I suppose you're right." And Kitten materialised in front of him.

Kitten looked much the same, yet also so different. Her hair was brushed and gleaming, her white jumpsuit had been exchanged for a pair of trousers and a huge coat, both in dark blue. Her skin stood out in contrast as if it had been bleached, and her hands were uncovered revealing long, slightly pink nails.

Ben's breath caught in his throat. She glowed, that was the only was to describe it, glowed as she had never done under the harsh fluorescent lights of her cell. He didn't know how many rules he was breaking, inviting her into his house and talking to her, but he didn't care. Every vampire has the ability to infatuate a human, make the human fall completely in love with them and obsess about them, and Kitten was no exception. The infatuation had begun when Ben saw her with his unprotected eyes when she'd stolen his helmet, and now it was complete. She'd won their little game, but no way was he going to show it.

Kitten eyed him coolly. "Benjamin, you're gaping." Ben shut his mouth with a snap. "You just. you look nice, Kitten."

She smiled suddenly, and Ben suppressed at shudder. Her fang teeth were fully extended.

"Do you think so?" She spun around slowly, letting him admire her from every angle.

"Beautiful, Kitten. I need to ask you some more questions."

"Again? You've finished that damned report. What more can you want?"

"Details, Kitty. Details."

Kitten's eyes went wide. "Kitty?" she hissed, half in anger and half in amusement.

It was Ben's turn to smile. "What's wrong with Kitty? I give pet names to everyone, even my parents."

"You forget, Benjamin, that Kitten is a pet name. My nickname, remember?" She stamped one bare foot on the ground. "Never call me Kitty again!"

Ben raised his hands in a gesture of peace. "Alright, alright, it was just an idea."

Kitten slumped into a chair, muttering words Ben couldn't quite hear, and he suspected he wasn't supposed to.

"Well, the obvious question is, how did you escape? You convinced almost everyone that you'd died."

"Except you, I see." Kitten said sulkily. "You're too clever for your own good."

"I've been told that several times, yes. So how did you do it?"

She sighed. "I broke the window and went out that way. The dust was just that, normal dust, which I stirred up with my telekinesis. I went out too fast for those humans who still lived to see me."

"I also want to talk about that. You killed so many people that day. Why?"

Kitten looked up and met his eyes. "I'm baaaaaad, Benjamin," she said, extending the 'a' sound to a second long. "In the cell, I was tame. I'm not like that. I kill whenever and whomever I want to, and no one on this earth can stop me from doing it for long."

"Are you going to kill me?" Ben asked casually. All vampires said these things, very few of them were telling the truth.

She looked him up and down. "Yes. Not today. Maybe not this year, but yes, eventually. You're too good to waste as a human, Benjamin."

Ben felt himself go pale. She was telling the truth. It wasn't possible to lie and speak with such utter conviction. He swallowed.

"Then, if I'm damned, tell me your name. Your real name."

Kitten blinked. "I can't do that! You know we're not supposed to tell humans that!"

"What harm can it do?" He reached out and took one of her small hands in both of his. "I know that if you tell me I'll never be able to go back. So be it. You've enchanted me, you've captivated me, and I want to know everything about you. Start with your name."

She stared at him, her hand starting to slowly grow warm in his. "You're sure? I'm Anna. My name is Anna."

Something in Ben's mind clicked. All his memories of her swirled then settled down, with 'Kitten' changed to 'Anna'. It fitted. 'Kitten' never quite fitted, but 'Anna' did.

Ben didn't let go of her hand. Now he was truly lost. No vampire had ever let any human live for more than 3 years after they found out the vampires name. 3 years, if they were lucky.

Anna straightened in her chair, and tossed her hair back over her shoulder. "So. Anything else?"

Ben's mind was slightly addled, but he remembered another question he'd wanted to ask. "If escape was so easy, then why didn't you do it before? Why did you need me?"

"Theirs not to make reply, theirs not to reason why, theirs but to do and die." Anna recited. "In other words, none of your business."

"It is my business. Why did you wait until I came?"

"I needed you to put me down to a lower level. I could never escape while on level 5. The security was too much."

This was complete news to him. He'd suspected something else. "How did you convince me to do it? You never said anything about wanting to be demoted."

Anna grinned. "Do you happen to remember when, about the third time you ever visited me, I attacked you and knocked you unconscious?"

Ben certainly did remember, and told her so.

"You've been partially under my control since then. You've been working for me. I removed your helmet and..." she quickly dragged one fingertip over the skin on the inside of her wrist, then reached up and touched his mouth with the same finger. "We share the same blood now, Benjamin."

All this news wasn't good for Ben. He was rapidly approaching 50, and didn't take shocks too well. "You didn't feed off me like I'd thought... I fed off you. Is that what you're saying?"

Anna nodded. "Yes. You've been a big help. I never would have done it if it weren't for you. And as a reward for your help, I won't tell the owners of the Institute when I go back there."

That brought him back to reality. "You're going back there? Are you mad?!"

She nodded. "Probably. But I've got something to attend to there. Some things I need to collect. Oh, and I read your report on me." She smiled. "You even got most things right. However, I noticed you toned the part about the abuse down."

"I don't like the idea, a little girl being repeatedly bashed and worse by two men. It's horrible."

"I'll tell you again, once I got used to it it truly wasn't that bad. Except when they. remember what I told you and you nearly fainted? Well, that really hurt. But that didn't matter so much, you know about my little perversion." "If you get penned as a masochist in the Institute, they lock you in a cell with crucifi-" Anna flinched, and Ben hurriedly changed the word "crosses lining the walls and stakes pointing upwards on the floor." Her eyes momentarily went wide. "Good thing you didn't write about it then. Is that all?"

"Ummm... Just one thing. Well, I've never been bitten before, and with my job it's bound to happen sooner or later." A strange look came into Anna's face. Ben continued, feeling strangely detached, like it wasn't him saying it. "I'm, superstitious you might say, and I believe the first time of anything important should be done by, or with, someone you know." "And you want me to..." "Precisely." She walked closer to him, her steps almost perfectly matching Ben's speeding heartbeat. "Are you sure? I'm not one to tempt then refuse." "I'm certain." Ben turned his head to one side. "Kneel down. You're too tall. Why is does everyone have to be so tall?" "You're only twelve years old, Anna. Most people are older and taller than that."

Ben got down on his knees, and felt cool, thin fingers brushing over his neck. "Tell me, Benjamin, why do you want me to bite you? That wasn't the real reason, we both know that."

Ben closed his eyes. "I really don't know. But I want to, urgently. Please, Anna."

Anna bent down to press her lips to the point on his neck where the pulse fluttered. "This will hurt." she murmured, then suddenly drove her fang teeth through the skin. Ben yelped, then turned his head slightly and buried his face in Anna's arm. She smelt like she had in his old dream, like flowers and cold water, but now with a faint tang of the blood she'd drunk recently. She clung on like a leech, her fingers tightly gripping his shoulders, and Ben could clearly hear her heart beating as well as his own.

All the stories were right. It was pleasurable, a strange pleasure that made him shudder. He slipped his arms around Anna's waist, and pulled her over so they were both lying on the ground, her nestled in his arms while she was still drinking. Ben's vision started to swirl. "Anna, stop it now." He tried to say, but no sound came out. She heard him, however, and she released his neck and snuggled her head down into his shoulder.

Ben could feel the blood seeping down his neck and staining the carpet, but he didn't want to move. Anna was now deliciously warm to the touch, and her scent was making him reel, so he didn't want to let her go just yet. "How much did you take?" he mumbled. "Not much. You'll live. You'll be fine after a few days." Anna said quietly. "You taste nice."

Ben grinned sleepily. "Doesn't everyone?"

"Well, yes, but you taste better than them." She extracted herself from under him, ignoring his little whimper of protest. "Don't go to work tomorrow. The other inmates will smell me on you, and you'll be dizzy. Eat lots of meat." She crossed the room to the door, and Ben rolled over onto his side to keep watching her. "Anna, you don't have to go now."

"Why should I stay?" there was a pause. "Oh, Benjamin, don't think things like that. You're married, remember?" Ben blushed, and she laughed. "No. There's some things I have to collect, and a brother I should track down and kill just a little bit."

"How do you kill someone just a little bit?"

"With vampires it's easy." She opened the door, and stepped outside. "Goodbye, Benjamin. Don't worry about the marks. They heal very quickly."

The door closed.

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