I can't take full credit for this seeing as it's a collaboration of some odd people each adding his/her 7 words, and now the story.

So the other day...

I was fishing with dynamite when suddenly / a beautiful naked woman appears beside me / and handed me a small yellow package. / The package was rather small and when / I shook it, I heard a cry / of rage from a banshee. He sounded / like a mad car with bad brakes / and I asked him what his name was / yet all I heard was screaming. / What's in a name? I asked myself. / But as I did with all else / coming back into view, I chunked the / bag of paper plate at the Suburban. / The banshee then began to dance as / the camels played seductive music all night / at the flaming pork in where people / screw one another every night before leaving. / Just then I realized I was going / out to date my brother, but I / decided I was totally kickass so I / went home, sat down, and quickly masturbated. / After that lovely experience I called Matt, / Matt said he wanted to have sex. / I said "you don't have a penis." / Matt asked, "I don't have a dick?" / Therefore I went and sang karaoke songs. / Meanwhile, Matt got a sex change and / he got screwed for life forever more.

A/N: Sometimes I wonder about the people I designate as my friends.