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Chapter One:Individual reality

Eos sat alone at the dining table eating her feast rather slowly.She was used to it, being alone.That was how she was raised.Her parents were always busy off on business trips or parties at one grand place or another.That was how her life went day by day night by night.Although she knew her parents loved her just once she wished they would be with her to dine at a fancy restraunt or to go to one of her many fasion shows, that her parents arranged for her every week or maybe just to watch her perform in one of her many plays.But sadly ever since she was but the age of four{or that she could remember}her parents had never even asked of her well being.It was like she didn't exist to them, everything she ever did was not aknowledged by her busy body parents, who seemed to be everywhere at once.

She placed her fork on the table with a weary look and stood up walking out of the hall, she glanced at her many maids and nodded politely to them.They nodded back and she resumed her way to her room.Passing the many halls to her domain she glanced at her self in the hall mirror just outside her door.

She had light brown hair that went straight down to her thighs.Beautiful emerald green eyes that didn't show any happiness and rather plain skin.She never understood why her parents made her a model, she wasn't pretty like the other girls.But she was glad for it, the girls she knew{who were models} were extremely snobby and seemed to complain about everything{because they were beautiful}.Tired she entered her room and went to bed.


Orion or Ore sat at the dinner table with his two younger siblings.They were eating the peanut butter sandwhich he made them.Chatting with each other so carefree, he was glad they were happy.That was before the door banged open and his so called father barged into the room.The two younger ones cuddle in the corner as soon as he stepped foot into the room, afraid of getting hit.

Ore glared disgusted at the bastard, he was drunk like usaul.His left eye was black and he had a bleeding cut on his right arm.Probably in another one of those many bar fights he always gets in.Pathetic bastard couldn't do anything right.He looked drunkly at Ore before stalking into his room.Ore soon heard screaming, his mother was yelling again, then it stopped and you could hear something hit the floor.He grunted with anger before he took his two younger siblings to the closest diner in the area.

There he brought them something to eat, and went over to where his friends were and argued with them over something.A waitress went up to him and sat down next to the groups.

"Hey." She said in cocky manner as she kissed Ore in the cheeks."How've ya been?"

"Teh...fine I guess."He replied curtly not looking at her."Hey whad'ya say we go and have some fun."

"Sure."His friends replied before they headed to the door leaving the little kids alone.The elder waitres looked at them and shook her head with a sad look in her miserable eyes.They were still young but they were ruining their life, like she did when she was once young.

Ore smirked as he set the old abandoned house on fire.His jet black hair moved with each blowing of the wind his serious blue eyes dance with mirth as he thought to himself how he would be laughing if his father was caught in this fire.Ore malvolently wanted it to happen, he wished for the death of his father ever since he could talk.And one day he would get what he wanted, one day.


Jason sat in his room burying his head in his notebook as he wrote another yet fantastic story of school life for the papers.Sighing he threw the note book aside and laid down on his bed in deep concentration.He soon heard his mother shouting for him to come down.He relunctantly did but first he went into the restroom.

He stared at himself in the mirror.Reaching up he touched his black eye, he still remembered how it felt like, the blow that smashed him in the face causing him to once more get suspended for so called fighting.He splashed some water into his face, his brown eyes dull and lifeless deep in thought.Soon after that he took up a comb and began to come his black hair.Walking out of the restroom he went into the kitchen where his mom sat their eating her sphegetti dinner.He sat down and began to eat his dinner not looking at her or evening greeting her.

"I got another call today"She said rather weakly."It was from your school."

He loked up at her his eyes sad to see her in such a state."I know but I didn't start the fight, it was them."

"You could have at least walked away."She said angrily her dull brown eyes glared down at him furiously, she stood up and walked away.

Jason sighed he knw his so called mother was weak and the docters said she needed to keep her cool, but nothing would help her do that.He glanced at her, she had grey hair and dull brown eyes and seemed to hate him. His life was just perfect wasn't it.He stood up from the table threw his dish in the sink, grabbed his coat and walked outside in the freezing cold of winter.

He walked down a block to where the neighborhood park was.There he went to his favorite spot and sat on the wet grass.He closed his eyes feeling relaxed and calm.This was his favorite spot when he was young and always came here to think.This was where he was found by the elderly woman, from Pakistan who adopted him after her husband and daughter had died.This was where his mother left him, this was his sanctuary.If it wasn't for this place he didn't know if he could hold his sanity much longer.


Laurel hummed to herself as she steped out of the shower.She quickly wiped herself and wore on some clothes.She soon placed on some mascara and went down the stairs to where her mom was making dinner.

"Hey Mom."She said giving her mother a peck on the cheeks ."Do you need any help?"

"No, it's okay dear.You're fathers coming home today and I want to make everything for him."Her mother said smiling.

"Daddy's coming home! Really!?"She asked and exlaimed with pure joy.She hadn't seen her Father in three months ever since he went of to Canada to see the signing of yet another peace treaty."I'll go and get ready."

"You do that honey have to make your self look presentable now don't you?"She said as she stared at her daughters ripped baggy sweat pants and white T.She smiled as she remembered when she had wanted to throw them out, but her daughter had argued that it was her favorite since her daddy had gotten it for her. Now even ripped and torn the teen would wear them.

"Mom"A girl upstairs shouted as she walked down from the stairs."Tell Brandon to hurry up with the phone he's been on it since six."

Walking to her mother Alyssa sat down on the stool next to the counter."It's unfair why does Bran get to date and I ain't aloud to?"

"Because he's a boy."Her mother replied.

"That's one lame escuse isn't it."Alyssa said as she looked at her mom with a raised eyebrow.

"Oh hush, you're Dad's coming home soon why don't you see if Bran can get off the phone and be able to get ready in time."He mother said before she suggested."The cord would be helpful."

Alyssa just smiled and shook her head as she ran to the living room passing Laurel on her way.Laurel just stared at her descending sister before she made her way into the comfy kitchen dressed and ready.

"Hey Mom when is Dad coming?"She asked as she got a drink of water.

"Seven dear, why don't you be useful and help me set out the silverware."Her mom said as she placed the chopped onions into the pot.

"Sure."With that she began to set down the silverware and plates.She hummed silently to herself as she thought of her dad.He had been gone for at least two weeks now.But today he would come home and stay, not perminatly but long enough.

He didn't come home, it was already ten and his plane was to come in a six.Laurel looked at the food on her plate and sighed.Everyone was already in bed except for her and her Mom.Her mom was in the kitchen reheating the chicken for the second time around.Laurel sighed as she headed to her room, shouting to her mom that she was hitting the sack.


The morning sun hit the window and shattered light across the room.It was but another day in November and the snow seemed to be flowing everywhere as Eos looked out of the window with lonely eyes.Her parents had come home that day only to leave the very next minute.That was a normal day in the life of the Maximillian house hold.Sighing she got off her seat at the window sill and went to her closet to choose something to wear for going to her new fashion expliot. As quickly as she had gone in there she came out wearing a gorgeous fall dress that reached knee length and a beautiful brown satin over coat.Going out of her room she went down the hall to where her beautician resided. After doing her hair she went down the stairs and into the garage where her chaufer awaited to take her to the designated area.

Just another day as usaul, everything just seemed to fit in an endless display of sanity, but the sanity would one day break.Eos knew this, she would one day just break down and maybe suicide, but in all the same situations that she had thought of such, never could she put aside the fear of death in order to end her misery.Never.

Slowly a drop of tear fell down to her hands, she started to cry softly, luckily she didn't have any make-up on or else her mother would have been furious if she knew her daughter went to a fashion show with smeared mascara.More tears came at the thought.Her mother had always been beautiful, her mother was also a model and never really appreciated the fact that her daughter was so plain looking.Her father was once followed by a series of fans for his good looks and charm and he still is. So in conclusion her father never seemed to help her in anyway.

In fact she remembered once, it was on Christmas and she was barely ten.Her parents had dicided to spend their Christmas dinner with her, just so she could feel a little happy. That was the day her father had told her that he didn't know what to do with her.She was so plain looking that on man would want her for a bride.She laughed as she remembered. Eos knew for a fact that no man wanted anything except for money and for beautiful women to be by their side. Society that was all it was about, there would never be a descent guy who would love you for you.

She glanced out at her window, they were nearing the designation of the new fashion show area.She got some napkins to wipe her eyes, picking up her bags she placed her make-up on and tried to hide the redness of her eyes by sunglasses.Stepping out of the car she winced as the heard of crazy fans screamed out 'I love you!' and 'You're the best!'.She smiled and waved putting on a fake mask to show her unrealistic happiness. She signed some autographs and even kissed a guy on the cheek, before she went into the mall in which the fashion estravaganza was held.She rolled her eyes, what better way to make money then at a mall, of course that meant losing money for the costumers.

Slowly making her way through the crowd she entered the small room that was set up for the models.Inside many models rushed around trying to get ready.None of them were as famous as she was, but none of them would come to such a small show if they were richer then her. She went to her area and aloud the beauticians to fix anything that needed to be dealt with. After it all finished she went out side to where they had setted the curtains right next to the door.She glanced around and asked if the director of the fashion show was ready for her, he nodded and she walked out gracefully showing of a beautiful mahogany dress, it seemed mahogany was in fashion lately.

As she twirled around she noticed a particular group who were whispering and snickering at her it seemed.She ignored them like she ignored all the other critscs and press, they didn't know her so it didn't matter, in a week it wouldn't be remembered.She glanced at the group again in her next turn, gangs she noted. She could tell by the cigs around them and their wanna be bad ass attitude.Pathetic she thought, they were just wasting their time away.


Ore glanced at the model and looked at her figure appreciatively, he had to admitt she was better then all the other models he had just seen.Her face didn't exactly seem to light in what she was doing, he noticed most of the girls only seemed to be modeling for money and he geussed that she was just the same. Sue him for having a habit of looking at emotions would you, so very ungang like, he smirked at the thought a took another cigarette out of his pocket and lit it.The girl glanced at them and he looked of to Devlin, a black and awsome rapper.

"Hey, how'd it be like to get her into bed."He asked as the group laughed.

"I dunno know man, she seems a little to skinny."Devlin answered as he looked her over."It'll be like a tooth pick jabbing you won't it."

"Teh, whatever I think it's a good catch."Ore said as he glanced back at her.She was beautiful.Unlike most girls her make-up was quite simple.He hated it when he saw ugly girls try to conceal themselves with loads of make-up.What sluts, but they were good bed partners, he had to admit.

When the show ended he and his home-boys went out of the place. He took out a bebe gun and started shooting the tires of cars.Slowly he aimed the gun at Jesus's head and shot.Jesus turned around with a pissed look on his face, grabbing a bebe gun loaded with mini paintballs he shot.That was what started the bebe gun war and the security chase, now if this was a story on remembering the past Ore would have said 'Thank you, you mother 'f'er in heaven', because at the momment he ran he crashed straight into the all rich and famous model Hestia.

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