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Laurel groaned as the morning light hit the window and into her eyes.She got up and yawned.Blinking slightly, she rubbed her eyes.As her sight adjusted to her surroundings she remembered that her dad should have been home by now. Yelping with joy she sprang up from her bed and ran down the stairs, stopping halfway, to see everyone seated in the kitchen, from the creak of the door.Running fully down the stairs and into the kitchen she ran right into her dads arms.

"Daddy! I missed you!"She exclaimed as she looked at him with a sweet smile adorning her face.Her eyes shined as she looked up at the brown eyes of her father.

"Hey baby girl."Her dad said softly as they seperated from their unexpected hug."How's my little angel?"He asked looking at her.

"Fine Daddy."She replied as she went to sit down at her seat."How was it like in Canada?"She asked as she took a peice of toast and bit it.

"It was beautiful,the scenery was great."Her dad said taking a sip of his coffee.

"Why were you so late coming home?"Laurel asked her father as Brandon stood up and placed his dish in the sink.

"The plane was delayed."Her dad said as he stared at his only son."And where are you off to?"

"Around."Was the only reply Brandon made as he went out of the room.

Brandon hated it.He knew his father was lying about being late, how was it possible for his father to always come home late somehow.It was disgusting to him, mainly because many thoughts of his father cheating on his mother came to mind.But as soon as they came they were forgotten, due to the fact that he thought it would never happen.It sicken him at the very thought of such and he always made up an excuse of late night party drinkings with his friends.Brandon sighed, he went and got his jacket.Stepping outside into the freezing wind, he noted that it was snowing.How unusaul, how unusaul indeed.

Jase laid on his bed thinking to himself.It just seemed wrong in a way.Everything just seemed wrong.You might tend to ask why it was wrong, or what was wrong.And with those questions the only reply you would get was everything or maybe nothing.Then you'd wonder to yourself what the person who replied meant, was something truly wrong or was it a common misuderstoodment.That was how Jason felt at the momment.He felt that something was wrong but couldn't quite comprehend what it was.Maybe it was his adopted mother, or maybe it was school, or maybe it was the fact that no one truly cared for him in the world.Well what ever it was, it was wrong.Truly wrong.

He heard the fustrated scream of his mother.Yelling at him to come down from his small room in the upper apartment building.He ignored her.It seemed unwrong to do so.How odd.So odd.He sighed as he stared into the morning sky out his little window.He could hear the little robins singing oh so joyfully.He bit back a bitter laugh.Joyful.How is it joyful to know that you could be ran over by a car once you land on the paved road.Joyful to know you could be caught and eaten by a cat or shot by an immature kid with a bebe gun.Maybe even break your wing.How joyful is that.As joyful as living the life of a human.Birds have it easy.

Jase got up from his position on his bed and went down stairs.His mother glared at him, he rolled his eyes.Honestly, if God thought him to be a disobediant, arrogant, ignorant little ass was he wrong.Cause to say the truth he was the exact opposite, maybe a little rough around the edges, but who could blame him.Oh he knew who, his mother.Did she care that he was being pumbled at school.And he was such an adorable little kid too, now wasn't he.Really he didn't need any psychitriatic help.Nope, none at all, maybe a couple of bandages,a few knives, a pistol with six rounds will do well.And after that a jail house would do just fine for him.He swore if another unimportant wanna be jock, bastard laid a hand on him again, their heads will be blown to smitherins.

{A.N:Gods am I enjoying this split personality shit.This wasn't planned.I wasn't gonna send this kid to a physchiatirst. Hmmm seems fun though, anyways ignore the pun.}

"I've decided to send you to different school."His 'mother' broke him out of his train of thoughts, as usaul."I just hope in to many fights here."

"They began I pursued." He said as he took a look into the frig for some thing to eat. "You act as if it's my fault they like to bully me about .Honestly try living a day in my shoes than maybe you'd see that you wouldn't mind punching a person or two."

"Don't you dare talk to me that way!" She screeched at him.

"Why the hell do you care. Go and smoke or something like you usaully do." He yelled at her face causing her to slap him. She left the room and he sat down at the table. Yup, he was an angel alright, an absolute angel. He noted the packet that sat on the table and picked it up. He glanced at the name that was written in such big bold letters, did everyone in this world thought people were blind.

The title read South Central High Regeristration Form.

Eos sat there on her windowsill as she remembered the previous event of yesterday.She had been entering her limo when one of the boys, she had noticed smoking, came running into her.His dazzling blue eyes stared at her as she stared back, memerised in those deep pools of storm blue.She blushed slightly and quickly turned away entering her limo.She didn't look back afriad he would see her cherry red face if she did. She sighed as the limo then drove off leaving the group of boys, that had come up to their friend.

Now here she was siting here ignoring her stomache as she thought of the boy she barely meet. He seemed so free. It was as if he didn't have any worries.That he could just stand there and joke around with his friends. She wanted to be free. To be free to do what she wanted, when she wanted. To be able to go to the mall with friends instead of always being cooped up in her house or at school, or even at those stupid modeling shows.She wanted to live her own life, to be free of her worries.She wanted to runaway and never come back.

Jason walked to his new class in his new school.Everything seemed pretty fine here, no racist bastards and no stupid overly religious teachers. He could get used to this.Maybe coming here was a good idea after all.It had been such a great day, when was the last time he had such a day.It was probably years ago when he was five and barely entering kindergarden.He was entering Challenger Elementry, the school his 'mother' paid fifteen thousand for him to enter.Back then his mother loved him, until he grew up and life made a twist. He was beaten that one time, his first fight. He had been so angry that...the boys parents had sued. Their son had gone into the hospital with serious injuries. Injuries so serious that the boy almost...He had to go to court, he stayed a month in Juvenile.

It was during the seventh grade that it had happened, that was when things got worst.The school sneered at him, glared down at his name.They tried to break him, but his pride was to strong.They became racist against him, spitting in his face.He couldn't take it any longer, he brought a gun and well. The docters said it was due to a tumor he had at a young age to make him act the way he did. But it didn't matter he had killed his teacher.

Running he ran away from the scene.He didn't know why, he didn't. His mind was in a mix, he couldn't comprehend what he was thinking or saying even.He did know that he was mumbling something, saying that it wasn't his fault.He was brought into jail, he stayed there toughened up with the help of people there.They became his one way trip to survival, the three months that he was there.Until a warm day in July when his court case opened up and he was released.But it wasn't that simple, they had placed a microchip in him to watch his brain patterns for any signs of anger or stress. The two things that caused death.

"I'm so sorry!" His things fell to the floor and he scrambled down to pick it up.He felt some one sit next to him, even though his head was turned.He always knew when someone was near him, well except for this unlikely occasion, but that was besides the point.He looked up at the person who made him drop his things. It was girl with blond hair and gorgeuos blue eyes. He felt himself blush as he stared at her. She handed him his things and went off with her friends.He scowled and stood up walking in the opposite direction.

Eos sighed she didn't know why she was here. She stared around her as people looked at her oddly. Here she was standing in the middle of a mall dressed like a british chick and waiting for the guy she saw. Who wouldn't give her odd glances. She felt herself blush as some girls right next to her talked about her odd attire. Why did she decide to wear something like this, why? She moaned and walked off to the food court; where she went to get chinesse.

She sat there eating her chinesse take out not really enjoying the greasy food that was served in the rundown place. Sighing she stood up, her plate looking exactly as it had when she took it to the small and lonely table in the corner. She looked down at her garments and had decided she needed a change of clothes. She went into the closes store that had clothes in it, the store was Wave.

As she entered the place, she glanced around noting the people looking at the clothes racks. She looked for a place to start shopping. She didn't know what to do, she had never gone shopping before, all the clothes she had was brought or made for her by her clients and fashion designers, that had lived with her since her mother was a model. Now though it was her and the rack of clothes.She carefully looked through it. She took the shirts she would wear and left the others there. She did it a couple of more times before she was done choosing clothes. She went up the the cashier and handed the woman her clothes. The woman looked at the stack in front of her and began to scan it.

Eos shifted uncomfortabely in her position.She wanted to ask if she could wear the clothes out, but never having the experience in the field of socialality, she failed miserbly. She closed her eyes and was ready to try and ask when someone tapped her shoulder. She turned around to see a auburn haired girl with piercing brown eyes.

"Hey, what's with the clothes?" Eos blushed at the question and lowered her head in shame. Everyone was dressed like a teen and yet she was dressed as if she were fifty."Hey you okay?"

"Yes I am, thank you."Eos reacted impulsivelly. She once more blushed as the girl stared at her strangely."Sorry."

"What's there to be sorry about?"The girl asked as she stared at the Eos."Let me guess, you're from one of those families who are up there and had gotten away by using an escuse to go to a friends casual party. When your parents had agreed you told your limosine driver to drive you there, and you stoled off in a taxi to go to a ghetto mall."

"How did you know, well it really wasn't a friend's party, but still that's amazing. Are you like one of those fortune tellers, can you tell my future?"Eos said shocking the girl and herself at her straight forewardness."Sorry."

"Girl, there's nothing to be sorry about."The auburn girl said."You gotta get out more often."

"You act as if I don't want to."Eos replied.

"Teh, I'm Autumn."The girl said, as she smiled a nice smile."And you are?"

"Dawn, Dawn Sheir. It's a pleasure to make your acquintance."Eos said as she also smiled a warm smile.

"So what's a uptown girl like you doing in a place like this."Autumn said.

"Shopping?"Eos questioned more then said.

"Yeah I noticed."She indicated to the stack if clothes on the counter.

"I was actually wondering if I could where the clothes out."Eos said outloud. Autumn shook her head and went up to the cashier and asked for her.

"Ya know girlie, you should have just asked. She said yeah."Autumn informed the famous model. Eos went to the cashier and paid for the clothes which had costed her 198.02 dollars, shocking her new friend.

"Girl are you loaded or what."Autumn said as the two walked of to a fitting room.

"I do come from a rich family."Eos said to the other girl as she went into one of the many stalls to change. Upon coming out she was now sporting a white blouse, with blue caprice and an orangey, yellow belt around her waist. She also had on a plain necklace that had a dolphin on it, a mood ring, and white and orange sketchers.She opened up her new orange and white purse and took out her make-up kit. Applying on different eyeshadow to match her new outfit.

"Well now you look like a modern teen."Autumn said as she stood up from her spot on the chair. "C'mon I'll introduce you to my friends. Oh and you might want to watch out for Jesus, he's a playa and so are most of the guys."

She dragged the so called 'Dawn' off. She went outside the store and looked around spotting her friends, she went over to them.

"Hey there peps."Autumn said as she walked up to them."This is Dawn. She comes from a...."Eos squeezed her arm, making Autumn look at her. Eos shook her head not wanting Autumn to say that she was rich."...town in Michigan and well she's new here."

"Michigan? Isn't that like by Canada?"A girl with plain brown hair asked.Eos looked at her and noted besides her plain hair she was quite pretty, but not pretty enough to be a model, like how she wasn't pretty.

"Yes, it's where the five great lakes are."Eos answered in her unknowingly superior manner.

"The great lakes, where's that?"The brown haired girl asked again.

"C'mon we learned this in history, Jessica."Autumn said as she stared at her friend.Her friend ignored her and conitnued to ponder on about the five great lakes.

"You look familiar."A voice said behind Eos shocking her.She quickly turned around and stared up at the boy she saw only a couple of days ago. It was him, the one she was looking for."Like I've seen you somewhere."

"Ummm....I just came over from Michigan, I don't think it's possible."Eos lied as she blushed under the boy's intense stare.She looked down at her feet not wanting to look in his eyes any longer then she already had.

"Ore!"The girl named Jessica whined as she clung onto the black haired boy.He looked at her annoyed and took her of his arm.He went some where else and lit a cigeratte to smoke.Eos shook her head as she saw this.

"Wasting their lives away."She mummbled under her breathe but Autumn heard and told the model that she agreed.Eos looked at her with a raised eyebrow.She smiled back.

"Hey I'm gonna take Dawn here shopping. So I'll see you all later."Everyone nodded to her statment as they continued to do what ever they were doing.Autumn dragged Eos away once more.

"So Dawnie."Autumn said as she dragged the girl off to a different store."What's the history between you and Mr. Cold?"

"Mr. Cold? History?"Eos asked as she stared at her new friend in wonder of what the girl was talking about.

"Ya know Orie boy." Autumn said as she went they went into a store together." The one who said you looked familiar."

"Oh, him."Eos mummbled blushing slightly."I saw him a few days ago."

"And got a little crush too."Autumn teased her."So you go for those cold and heartless playboys, huh?"

Eos only blushed again.

Laurel was having a great day, she had just been asked out by the quarter back of the football team. Other then that she was going to go to a fancy restraunt with her family and they were going to celebrate her dad's return. She smiled to herself and walked into class just as the bell rang.She went to sit down at her spot and took out her history text books. She then turned her friend and they began to talk waiting for their teacher, Mr. Warrington, to began the lesson.

When Mr. Warrington did come in another person came along. Laurel looked shock, but then calmed down, as she felt suddenly foolish for over reacting. It was only natural that the boy would be in the only history class there was in the school. Funny most schools had two or three history class but, not this one. They didn't think highly about learning of the past to change the future. But this was getting off subject. Before anything else happened, which was off subject, the teacher had directed the new boy to sit in front of Laurel.

"Hi."She said and smiled. The new boy, Jason only blushed once more.

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