Here I lie
Still alone
No longer caring
Made of stone

You can't hurt me
You weren't there to pull me back
I am strong now
I have the strength I no longer lack

Solemness leaves me
The youth and innocence returns
I like life again
Finally the pain no longer burns

I still wonder
About the things
Without closure
The wound slightly stings

I lie naked
In the dark
By myself
Yet not terribly stark

Did I make mistakes?
Are there things left undone?
I know things are right
I'll find someone

Some things are hard
Impossible to grip
Yet sometimes the silence
Ends your bad trip

The past feelings feel foreign now
Why did I want to die?
Why did I feel those things,
And make myself cry?

I save myself
It's always been true
Why did I trick myself by
Making me thing I needed you?

I grabbed the knife
Straight from the shelf
I carried it with me
And protected myself

See, silence is the knife
To cut out the pain
And you were the cause
So feel free to stay away

I opened my eyes again
It had been awhile
It feels great
It makes me smile

I took a step back
And looked all around
I did a 360
It's like time rewound

And forward I look
To the sunniest days
My God it feels great
To get rid of that haze

And that's how it will be
With me alone in the Sun
Until you decide
I'm your number-one

But don't get me wrong
I hate you not
I'm just tired of always getting
My heavy heart caught

So that's all it is
It's me you lack
It's you I don't have
Until you decide that you want me back

But be prepared for a fight
You'll have to face my stern glare
But I still remember it all
Though I don't think you even care

However that's what's great
About all of this
It's all up to you
If it's me you will miss

I'm still here
Care if you want
Yell when in need
It's not smart to be gaunt

I don't do friendships
That don't have the balance
When people get hurt
And creates all the malice

You I cut you off
From my heart
It's all up to you
I bet we'll stay apart

Reach into yourself
Turn yourself inside out
As long as you do what's right
Then you should not pout

So care if you care and don't if you don't
No matter what it is, speak with your voice
Whatever you choose
Make sure it's your choice

And now I leave you
With that last bit of advice
And it's up to you
Whether you break the ice