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…"There comes a time
When you face the toughest of fights
Searching for a sign
Lost in the darkest of nights
The wind blows so cold
(You're) standing alone
Before the battle's begun
But deep in your soul
The future unfolds
As bright as the rays of the sun
You've got to believe
In the power of love         
You've got to believe
In the power of love
Blazing emotions
There's a light, that flows from your heart
It's a chain reaction
And nothing will keep us apart
Stand by my side
There's nothing to hide
Together, we'll fight to the end
Take hold of my hand
And you'll understand
What it truly means to be friends
It gives meaning to each moment
It's what our hearts are all made of
You've got to believe, in the power of love…"
~Sailor Moon

I stepped outside; feeling the rush of cold air hit me at once.  I was guessing it was at least 10 below.  I mean, this was the end of January- so of course, cold was expected here.  And it always seemed to really chill off when the sun went down.  That was what I hated.  Or so, I used to anyway. 

The cold didn't seem to bother me anymore.  I mean, here I am without a jacket; and not even shivering.  So many of my friends had given me hell about going out without a coat- but I never listened.  I simply didn't need one.  Ghosts don't have to wear coats.  Yep, you heard right on that one.

I'll return to that one a bit later; right now I had one goal tonight- to get to her place, and get to it quick.  Luckily, I didn't have far to walk.  Not that I minded.  I actually enjoyed walking.  Especially at night.  Things were so much more peaceful compared to the daylight hours.

I sighed.  What time was it? 

I glanced at my watch.  11:30. I'm good.  By the time I get there; she'll be asleep.  That's perfect.  I don't want to scare her; so returning at night was always easier.  That way, I wouldn't see her passing out at the sight of me. 

It's not that I was ugly; though I never found myself as anything having to do with beautiful; it was myself being a child of the grave; and herself a mortal human.  Yes; I was visiting a mortal.  A mortal woman to be exact.

I know it sounds silly; but, this one is special.  One that I had for so long waited to come into my life…err, afterlife; and I wasn't about to stop seeing her because of a few minor setbacks.

You see, I'm not your average Casper.  I have a job to do.  I am a Guardian.  I watch over the souls of mortals alike, and keep them safe from doing any harm.  I also sometimes inhabit their bodies; if they are facing any type of physical or emotional pain. 

I guess you could call me a Healer in the same light- because I have the ability to heal, as well as destroy.  I'm not dark, nor am I light- I am simply neutral.  A general mix of both parties.  I hold both black and white magic; and I'm careful as to what is used, and where.

After all, what's the point of having magic if you don't know how to manage it?

Exactly.  There is no point.

I felt the wind cut through me.  Damn; I'd hate to be still alive and having to deal with this.  I had to laugh, remembering my days of when I was actually of the living.  It was so long ago; but it still felt like only yesterday.

I wasn't supposed to die when I had.  Many had said that I was too young.  That I had so much to live for, and look forward to.  Being seventeen when one passes on; is a little young, I admit.  But, I had really nothing to live on for.  So, when that day came; and when that ship had crashed- I wanted to let go.

You see, I was on my way back from a school field trip on a local ferry-boat; when a sudden hurricane hit us from the tropics- sending countless, gigantic waves straight towards us.  Waves so big- that even we had to panic.

I can still remember everything.  The screaming; the crashing and creaking of the boat against the water; and then the worried looks of everyone, as the boat capsized- sending it's passengers into the deep abyss of blue. 

I was sucked underwater; fighting with all that I had to reach my well-needed air; eventually losing that fight to the current itself; my life ending with one, last release of salty breath.

I had wanted to cross-over.  After all, my parents had disowned me when I had kissed a girl at school.  I guess they hated their little baby girl being a bisexual.  They were homophobic; and I hated homophobic people from the start. 

But again, I never thought that they would disown their own flesh and blood.  But, my thoughts were torn and tattered when I was tossed out onto the streets one dark, summer night.

Thankfully; a dear friend of mine took me in.  I'm so glad her parents didn't care about my preference; or me staying with them.  It was nice to know that there were some people still in this world who weren't so stubborn, and closed-minded as my own parents were.

But, I haven't seen them in years.  My friend, thankfully, wasn't present the day of the trip; so she did not have her life ripped from her, as I had.  Last time I had checked; she had gotten herself a boyfriend; and was about to study becoming a lawyer.

That was thirty years ago.  I had lost track of her, when I had last come to visit- and I searched and searched for her- soon discovering that she had not been living there for a good twenty-four years.

But, now that did not matter.  For my years of wandering the earth- alone, scared, tortured.  It was all worth it.  Why?  Because I had found her.  The very reason for me not taking my step into the next world.  Of course, she didn't know of my existence- at least, she didn't remember; but I did.  I remembered everything.

It's funny.  I wasn't even supposed to be her Guardian.  I was simply a wandering ghost; who just happened to find her through someone I knew.

At first, I was nervous to be in the same room with her.  Mostly because I'd go to step towards her; and she'd shiver; backing away from the cold rush of air that had suddenly made an entrance.  Soon my fear went away- because I knew it wasn't personal.  It was simply one of the down sides of what I was.

Now, it didn't even affect me.  My only concern was that she would not be afraid of me.  After all; I couldn't bear to place fear into the girl that I had grown to love.  That's right, people.  Not only am I a poltergeist; but I'm also in love with a mortal. 

It sounds like something out of a TV show; but hey; it was me; it was who I was; and no one could change it.  I wouldn't change it for the world anyways.  So, those that had any issues needed to get over them.  I had said that so many times. 

I gazed onto the orange street lights above me with a sigh.  Not long now.  I dug for a cigarette.  I could fly, I guess- but that would take all the fun out of walking.  I loved to walk anyway.  I only used my ability to fly when I really, really needed it.

Ok, you stupid lighter; why won't you work?  Ok, one more time- no.  Oh, bloody hell; what's going on here?  Ugh.  I'm about to toss this thing into the ditch.  I mean, I can always steal another one. 

I laughed to myself. 

'That sounds so mean,' I thought, 'But I don't have much of a choice these days.'

Was I a thief?  I guess.  Was I a criminal?  Of course not.  I didn't steal for fun.  No way.  I was brought up better than that.  I just did what I had to do.  To get around, and such. 

I mean, you can't walk up to the cashier and ask for something when you're a being of the dead.  It's not like he's gonna smile, and hand it over.  They'd do the opposite:  freak out, panic, and faint.  And that's only if you're lucky enough to escape the screaming.

See my point?  Cool.

All right; now it's working. 

I stuck my menthol cigarette upon my pale, pink lips- lighting it up, and breathing in.  Ahh; that was so much better.  I hadn't had a smoke all day; and this brought me so much relief. 

And before anyone starts; I know that it's bad for my health.  But hey, I'm already dead- so who cares?

I made my way down the street.  Ok, screw this, I'm flying. 

I managed to finish my cig; as I made my way into the night sky.  I loved to fly just as well as walk. 

Sometimes I'd just float up here in mid-air, and gaze down upon the land.  Just float there and watch everything go on.  Earth was such a busy place.  I never noticed that really, until I was able to view it from above.   It was interesting to watch, actually.  So much different up here, than down there.

I had to smile.  Only a few moments left until my angel's apartment.  I couldn't wait.  I just hoped she wasn't still awake.  I don't want to scare her again.  Yes.  I admit it. 

The first time I had came here; she was awake- and didn't take too kindly to the sudden gust of freezing air that had 'somehow' come into her normally warm apartment.  So, yeah.  I kinda felt bad about scaring the poor dear half to death.

All right; here we are.  Through the green doors; down the steps.  Apartment number 7.  Perfect.  I remembered the place like the back of my hand.  I did come every night, after all. 

I pressed my ear to the door; listening to any signs of life.  Whew.  Good.  I didn't hear anything.  That meant that she was gone; or that she had retired.   My guess was of the latter; as her car was parked outside.  Ok, Sierra; just enter the damn place!  You've done this many times before.

I didn't even bother opening the door- as- yep, you guessed it- poltergeist. 

I let myself in; gazing around at everything.  Her place was so gorgeous.  So warm and cozy.  I loved it here.  Sometimes I wished I never had to leave.  It always saddened me when I had to go.  Once in a while; I'd feel tears mist my periwinkle eyes.  That's how attached I had become.

Anyway, enough about that.  I have a girl to find. 

I made my way down the hall; seeing the little clutter of clothes upon the floor- passing the bathroom; eyeing her body splash collection.  The girl loved her body splashes, that I had to say.  But that was ok. 

I loved them too.  Or I used to anyway.  I once had a whole collection similar to this one.  I wonder what Rochelle did with them after I died?  Hmm.  Maybe one day I'll attempt to find her again.  Maybe.

Smirking, I made my way into her room- passing through the closed door; and walking into the moonlit place itself.  I had to smile.  God, she was so beautiful.  No wonder so many had wanted her.

I cursed those that had hurt her in the past.  I spat on them.  She didn't deserve such treatment.  She was beautiful.  She was special.  And such rare treasure deserved to be treated like royalty; not tossed aside like an old shirt. 

I swore, if I ever met the jerks that had hurt her before- I'd see to it that they'd never take advantage of a woman again.  That wasn't a threat; it was a promise.  But that wasn't important now.  What was important was this moment.  This moment in which I'd be sharing again.

I made my way over; sensing my angel shiver; pulling the soft, white, down feather comforter closer to herself- leaning into the fluffy, cotton plush beneath her golden hair- shifting a little towards her closet on the right- only causing me to want her even more.

She looked pretty even when she was sleeping.  So much more than I would ever be.  I reached out, taking a lock of her hair into my hands- letting it slide through my fingers; receiving yet another shiver from the woman below.  I frowned. 

I hated being a ghost because of this very reason.  But, I also liked my abilities and powers.  Allow me to elaborate:

I slowly climbed in the other side of the full-sized bed; turning towards her and closing my eyes- a single, silver light illuminating from my body- it growing to a soft white; almost warming my cold form to a normal body heat temperature.

I reached out a hand to caress her cheek; a soft, pink light emitting upon her as I did so.  There was something I had forgotten to speak about.  My visits were wonderful; but I had always erased her memory of me.  I didn't want her to live with the fact that she knew someone of the dead. 

I mean, who would believe her?  Well, except those that had seen our kind.  I just didn't want her to have any nightmares, or anything.  Hence why every time I left; I would erase her memory of myself- and when I returned- I would bring it back to her.  It was innocent stuff, really.

I inched my way closer- lightly taking some of the blankets for myself- leaning down to meet her soft lips with my own- laying a light, but loving kiss upon her.

I was brought out of my trance by a sigh; my receiver returning said kiss; as I let go- eyes of autumn red meeting my pools of periwinkle.  I had to smile.

"Sierra," she managed to get out, only to be cut off with a gentle kiss.

I pressed a finger to my lips, meeting her pretty eyes.

"You- you came back," my angel spoke once again.

I smiled, "Of course I came back.  I'd never leave you, Arista.  I promised I'd come back; and I always keep my promises."

This caused a smile to my lover's pink lips. 


I looked over, meeting her eyes of red.

"Snuggle with me," Arista pleaded, shifting over just a little; allowing room for my form.

I only nodded; smiling, and kicking off my boots.  They were starting to hurt my feet anyway.

We stayed huddled together; just holding each other in silence for a little while.  Just enough to listen to the wind howling outside.  But then, something overtook us.  Something that we both had grown to know, and learn.  Something that had come to us since the first night we had done such things.

I gave a wink; lifting myself from my angel's arms; placing her below me; as I began to undo my black dress- eventually slipping it off; along with the undergarments- revealing all there was to me.

I really wasn't much.  Oh, sure, many had told me that I had the body of a supermodel; but I always saw myself as pale, and not very strong.  Like a very weak corpse almost. 

But Arista had never seen anything of the sort. 

Even before we ever thought of doing this; she had always seen something else in me.  She saw me as a person; not just a lost soul.  That was one of the things that I had loved about her.  Her heart was golden; and her intentions good.

I lightly un-slid her mini-nightie; smiling and running my eyes up and down her form.  Some may say that her body was not of what meets any eye.  To them, I said, 'You're stupid.'  To me, she was beautiful.  I didn't care what anyone said:  she was perfect in my eyes.

I could feel everything arise in me, as we joined together in the moonlight; my senses awakened, and my desires coming out to play.  Arista knew of my needs, and wants- and always responded to them with such kindness.  But, yet, she always left me with wanting more.  Just holding onto me, as if I would break at any wrong touch.  It was amazing.

I was always sure to return that favor; pleasing her with as much as she had done me- though wanting to please her more than just physically.  I had wanted to be her angel; her lover; her rock.  But I knew that until she were to pass on as well- I would not be able to be anything more. 

I was here for her this way; and that was all right with me.  I'd wait an eternity for her; and I was more than willing.  I mean, true love meant sometimes going the extra mile; and having to wait for someone, didn't it?  I thought so.

I reached my standing point- my eyes nearly starry; as locks of lava red spilled out onto the other pillow.  Slight groans and sighs were heard from my lips; as I tried my best not to pass out on the spot.

I nearly broke down.  She had done so much for me; that it left me speechless whenever I would think about it.  She was everything; and I was so grateful to her. 

She had done so much for this worthless child of the grave.  I didn't think I could ever repay her; but I sure as hell would try my best.

Once we had both calmed down; we laid in silence once again.  I knew I'd have to go soon- as the night didn't last forever; and she needed to get her rest for the next day of having to work.  I didn't want to keep her up all night.

I hated this part.  It pained me when I walked out of the place; but I knew that with happiness and such- came having to bid farewell sometimes.  Arista shifted; watching me place my dress, and garments back onto myself.

"Sierra, where are you going?" she asked, looking up at my form.

"I must leave you now, sweetheart.  You need your rest; and I don't wish to keep you up any longer," I replied, fetching one of my black boots from the rug.

Arista frowned, "I can call in sick."

I laughed softly, "I'm sure you could, darling; but I don't want to cost you any money."

I zipped up boot number one at this- crossing my legs, and picking up number two.

"You won't be.  Just stay a little bit longer," Arista pleaded.

I laughed, "Sweetie; I'd love to.  But it is late; and I need to head back anyway."

Arista pouted.  She was too damn cute.

"But, you will come back, won't you?"

I gave a nod, standing up, "Of course, darling.  I'll never leave you, Arista.  I promise on my afterlife.  I will come back."

I meant it too.  I wouldn't lose her to anything.

This brought a smile to her sweet face, letting herself shift towards the right-hand wall. 

I sighed, "Farewell, Arista-sama," I managed to get out; sensing her breaths soften- eventually making their ways into 'sleep;' smirking and walking towards the end of the bed.

I closed my eyes- reaching out a hand; causing a ball of red light to appear- a few tears lacing my eyes.  I hated this part so much; but it was to help her cope with her life- rather than having nightmares about a relationship with a poltergeist.

I channeled my energy- the ball growing bigger- turning itself into an aura.  I let it float over towards her; eventually swirling around her- making it's way into her; the soft, petal pink light that I had caressed into her disappearing. 

I gazed down onto the floor.  I had to go. 

Sighing to myself, I held back a few tears.

"Goodbye…my love…"

I turned away.  I had to get out.  I hated this part; I hated it so much.  I made my way back towards the door; passing through it, and up the steps.  I felt the cold air hit me- shivering.  Damn it, I forgot that I had brought heat into my form.  Oh, well.  I didn't care right now.

I made myself walk home.  I needed to think.  Tears filled my eyes, as I sniffled- fighting to keep them from streaming down my face. 

Why did it have to be this way?  Why couldn't I have still been of the living?  Then we could be together for real; not just by the moonlight.  And never would I have to make her forget my existence.

I sighed.  Oh, well.  Suck it up, Sierra.  You'll be back tomorrow night.  It was only a day apart from her; although it felt like an eternity.  All right; back to the graveyard, I guess. 

Though…it is pretty nice out tonight.  I guess I could take a walk on the beach.  Yeah.  I think I'll do that.  Believe it or not, I love the sea. 

One would think that I would hold a grudge against it- as it was the same element that had ended my life those thirty years ago; but the truth is- I loved it.  I always had.  It brought me a sense of peace that I had needed for so long.  It was my savior- outside of my angel.

Looking back; I sometimes had wished that I had followed Rochelle's footsteps.  That I had stayed home that day of the trip.  Sometimes I just wanted to cross-over.  To rid myself of having to deal with this pain.  That I could escape what had been placed upon me.

But then…I think of Arista; and the love, and feelings that I share for her.  And even though her own may just be a result of white magic; it still was enough to keep me here in this realm.  On this plain.  She had done so much for me in so little time.  With so little actions.

Even though I was already dead; she had saved my life.  She had saved me.  In every way that a woman can be saved.  She was my rock; my light.  She had done so much; and I was smitten because of it. 

Because of her; I was still here.  She was my everything; and I swore to keep her safe.  Now I knew that everyone- even those of the dead had held a purpose- because my own was right there before me.  My own shining star; and my angel in the night.     

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