Hi. This is a fic my best friend and I are working on. As we're writing it at school on paper it may take a long time for each chapter to be copied onto word and then posted, but anyway, hope you enjoy, and don't forget, read and review!

Worlds' War

By Alice Stamataki and Kathy Kalomoiraki.

Started 3-2-04.


Two hours to midnight. Silence. Dark all around. At the top of an imposing, red-rock crater, a small cottage lay, bathed in silence and steeped in shadows. The inhabitants of the pitiful dwelling lay asleep, deep in dreams.

Then, suddenly, an explosion rocked the ground, tearing out clumps of earth and rock, sending them high into the air. It wasn't just soil and mud that was thus brutally transplanted. Several human figures also felt the terrifying power of the explosion, landing harshly on the ground amongst the wreckage of blazing wood and broken stone. None of them moved.

Except one.

The small boy staggered up, blood streaming down his injured face, his breathing ragged and harsh, his eyes wide and staring. He couldn't have been more than ten years of age.

He opened his mouth desperately, but no sound came out. He tried again. This time a cracked whimper issued from him, as he gazed upon the wreckage of what had once been his home. He forced his bleeding limbs to move, crawling at a pitiful pace towards the nearest human shape. A second explosion, much stronger than the other, quickly discouraged him.

He whimpered once, and shot a terrified glance up at the innocently black sky before turning round and stumbling down the gently sloping hill, his eyes blinded by tears, his ears ringing from the explosion.

Trenner sat up in bed, the sweat running down him in streams.