I open my eyes. Watching the shadows of the night. The fragrance of flowers fills my room. The trees outside my window stand still. A windless night. No sound, but the occasional howl of a wolf, is heard. The tranquility. The moon appears among the clouds on the sky, shines through my window. Full moon. All of the sudden, the wind starts blowing, weeping through the leaves of the trees. A beginning storm. I get up. Put on my cloak and open the window. I climb carefully down the ladder by my window. I reach the ground, where I immediately start running, the wind slashing my cloak from my back, heading for the nearby forest. In darkness.

Once in the forest, I speed down. Walking slowly. Watching the owls and the bats. The fireflies. The animals active at night. I see a wolf, running through the forest. I run again, reaching the west edge of the woods. Still in the night. I look around, seeing it's a cemetery. A sculpture of Virgin Mary, stands light grey against the crimson night. Walking among the graves, I stop. I see the misty lake behind the church. I start running again, now heading for the lake.

Once by the lake, I stop running. Stop all together. I stand looking into the horizon to the east. Watching the orange spread over the sky. Waiting for the sun to rise.