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Ashleigh cursed as he tripped over his own feet. That night had not been a good night. The apartment he had tried to rob had not been a good catch, not to mention that old bitch had called the police. He growled and got back up. Damn Rezza! The bastard said the place would be easy to get into and the lady was supposed rich or something. The apartment had been littered with assorted crap and junk. If he'd taken all of it he might have gotten two dollars tops. He'd gotten more money picking pockets!

He turned down a back alley. Graffiti was painted all over the slimy walls. It was littered with trash and human wastes. Ashleigh swept a piece of long blonde hair away from his eyes and counted the dirtied windows that were spaced every six feet or so. When he reached the seventh he stood on his tiptoes and, with much difficulty, forced the window to open. He clambered through noisily and landed on a coffee table with a loud crash and he lay stunned for a moment, then got up, rubbing his neck. He jumped and whirled around when he heard someone enter the room. He sighed in relief when he saw who it was.

"Jesus, Jamie, you scared me." The raven haired man stepped closer with narrowed eyes.

"You was robin' someone again, wasn't you, Ash? An' you nearly got caught this time, didn't you? I tell you, that Rezza man means nothin' good for you." Ashleigh looked down at the floor guiltily.

"I know, I know, but he pays good, Jamie, I don't enjoy robin' them people," he offered lamely.

"I don' care 'bout the money. I know it's hard for you, havin' to look after your little brother and your father, but why not get a respectable job? It doesn't help that you smoke all them cancer sticks neither." Ashleigh sighed and turned away from Jamie. Since the beginning Jamie had been against his smoking and stealing. He hated Rezza with more of a passion than even Ashleigh. Same with Fayre. Ashleigh cringed as he thought about what she would have to say when she found out about this. He turned back around to find Jamie glaring at him.

Jamie had no idea what went on in the head of the moron in front of him, but he knew that, what ever it was, something was just not right. If Ashleigh had been born into a different family he would have been much different. Jamie growled low in his throat. If Ashleigh had never met Rezza he would have been much different. Jamie's nostrils flared angrily when he spoke.

"You'd best be going then. Wouldn't want to keep Rezza waiting, would you?" Ashleigh just stared after him as he slammed the bedroom door, leaving the blonde teenager feeling very alone. ~~
Ashleigh found himself in front of the abandoned apartment building all to soon. He hesitated a moment before banging his fist on the door. An ugly man with spiky purple hair answered. Rezza smiled as he looked down into his short employee's true green eyes.

"You have something for me?" He asked in a low hoarse voice. The man in front of him shook his head. Rezza's smile quickly became a frown. "Why not?"

"The hag called the cops on me. Any ways there wasn't nothin there." Ashleigh gulped when Rezza growled.

"Likely story. Inside. Now." Ashleigh almost turned and ran, Rezza was mean when angered, but fear of the gun Rezza kept in his back left pocket propelled the blonde into the house.

Inside was a cluttered kitchen. Beer bottles were all over the place, used cigarettes overflowed the ashtray, used condemns in and beside the trash can, and bags of something Ashleigh thought was weed were strewn across the table along with a few pipes. Rezza led him to a living room which was just as bad as the kitchen. He turned around.

"You know of the Crazy Cat?" Ashleigh recognized the whore house and nodded slowly, wondering where this was going. Rezza glared at him. "Good. Now, I have a few friends there who expect to see me every day, but unfortunately I can't go there tomorrow, now can I? Someone didn't do there job, did they?" Ashleigh swallowed an angry lump in his throat. So this was where the majority of money he brought in was going. While he had about fifty dollars a week to buy food, new clothes, and other necessities for himself, his five year old brother, and his crippled father, this gay bastard standing in front of him wasted more than 200 dollars a day on whores and drugs. Rezza cleared his throat and raised an eyebrow. "Cough up." Ashleigh blinked.

"What?" The purple haired man rolled his eyes.

"I know you have some money left over. Give it. Now." Ashleigh stared at him in horror. How dare he?

"No." Rezza narrowed his muddy eyes.

"Stop playing games, slut."

"I'm not playin' no games, Rezza. I've had enough of your shit." Rezza made an attempt to grab Ashleigh by the throat, but the short blonde was faster. He pulled out the knife he always carried up his sleeve and stabbed Rezza through the wrist, bone and all. Ashleigh was already halfway out the door when Rezza finally made an intelligible scream.

"I'll get you for this, you fucking bastard!" ~~
Fayre had been waiting for Ashleigh for over two hours. When she had rung the doorbell, Ashleigh's little brother Shippo had told her politely that Ashleigh had been gone for almost five hours, but she could come inside anyway. After paying her respects to the bedridden Mr. Massimo she had spent the next hour and a half playing with Shippo, but soon the youngster dozed off, as it was well past nine o'clock. She lifted her head when she heard a key inserted into the lock and the door pushed open, revealing Ashleigh's too skinny frame. She stood up and crossed her arms.

"And where have you been?" Ashleigh looked a bit startled at seeing her there. He snorted.

"Out and about. You'll be happy that I'm not doin' nothin' for Rezza no more." She gave him 'The Eye.'

"With him, were you? Figures. Ever since you partnered up with him, you're never around. Shippo was just telling me that he had to go down to the grocery store all by himself because you didn't come home. Do you know how dangerous that is? What if something had happened to you? What would your father and Shippo do then? You've got to be more careful, Ash. You're all your family has to keep them alive and out of the poor house." Ashleigh's eyes flashed.

"I tol' you, I'm not doin' nothin' for Rezza no more! An' I hope you're happy 'cause now I'm not gonna get paid and Shippo and dad are gonna starve!" Fayre shook her head.

"Maybe my parents are right about you. Maybe you're no good after all." As she said this she walked towards the door only to be stopped by Ashleigh.

"You don' mean that. Please tell me you're not leavin', I don' know what I'd do if you wasn't here tellin' me-" He was cut off by her sudden outburst.

"You don't know what you'd do?" She yelled. "You think I'm gonna fall for that load of shit? You haven't listened to me once! You just shove my advice away with some excuse every single time! I'm through with you! I can't take being ignored anymore! You don't love me!" Ashleigh's vision became blurred with tears.

"You can't leave me, Fay, you jus' can't. I do love you. I'll try to be better I promise," he whispered, "I promise."

Fayre looked up to her boyfriend. He was near tears, she noticed,
startled. All of her previous 'better' boyfriends (according to her
parents) would have yelled back or hit her. Try as she might, Fayre
couldn't bring herself to stay mad at Ashleigh.

"All right, " she sighed, "I'll give you one more chance, but if you blow it it's over." Ashleigh nodded. "Tomorrow I don't have school, so how about looking for a job, hm? I'm sure Jamie and Lexi would love to help, too." She looked at him with a look that said quite clearly 'do it or die.' He nodded again and wrapped his arms around her. She giggled.

"You do have a single track mind, don't you?" He smiled against her lips.

"And you love me for it."