Demons of Dreams

The sleeping demons in my head awaken,

As I drift into the oblivion of sleep.

They sharpen their blades, pull out their whips and chains

And crookedly smile through jagged teeth.

"I've missed you" their maniacal eyes seem to whisper.

Their demented laugh echoes in my ears, as they taunt me and jeer.

I catch their scent, as they chain me. They smell of sulfur and rot.

I struggle against my fetters and their mouths water at the smell of my fear.

My muscles tighten in anticipation,

As the lashes rip through the layers of skin on my back.

They pause to pick out bits of flesh, from the knotted whip

And then wholeheartedly resume their attack.

Rivulets of red run down the contours of my back,

As the blood flees from the source of the pain.

My soul struggles against the confines of my skin

And the rough, rusted shackles of this nightmare's game.

Blood mingles with fear and then this new concoction

Mixes with the sheen of sweat that resides on my shredded skin.

At this time, I am saved from further torment, by awakening,

Yet I take with me the knowledge, that tonight, I meet my demons, once again.