The Observer

By:Andrew Troy Keller

If I'm not mistaken,the worst of all the Seven Deadly Sins was Greed--and it was that particular green eyed monster that had gotten its claws on a smooth female con-artist named Rachel Tarkenton,who had just crashed a stylish gala,which was being held on Tuesday,February the 3rd.

As soon as she had arrived,Rachel had looked around with hungry eyes in search of the perfect score,unaware that someone else with even hungrier eyes was observing her.

And when Rachel had bumped into one of the party guests and apologized for such an accident,the observer had taken a closer look at her and noticed that she had actually staged her 'accident' in order to pick something out of the guest's pocket,like for instance,a money clip full of cash.

And after he had let out a sinister smile,the observer had whispered something into the ear of one of the manservents and pointed to Rachel,who was once again looking for another perfect score.

Just then,after the manservent had dragged a confused Rachel out of the ballroom and into the master bedroom,the observer had introduced himself as Victor Nordquist and invited her to stay for a nightcap.

Then suddenly,after she had taken a few sips of the bubbly,Rachel's head had started to spin and she had fallen down to the floor and became unconscious.

And then,after she had finally opened her eyes and found herself having shrunk and placed into a small glass case,a chill had really ran up and down her spine,for she had found out that 'Victor Nordquist' was actually a demon with quite an interesting hobby:He collects both male and female human sinners for his own sexual amusement.