Oh how I love you, Bono
Lead singer to U2
Hanging out with the Edge
A native of Ireland
Proud of it too
Writing about the beautiful
Singing about peace and love
Yelling about the injustices
A living lyrical genius
Knowing about the darkness
Having lived in the dark
Now living in the gray

Oh how I loathe you, Bono
You hang with the Edge
Damn, you're Irish and I'm not
Traveling around the world
Going places I'll never go
How come you write about the beauty
And I'm stuck with the death and darkness
You get to live in the gray
Leaving me in the darkness

But I shouldn't bitch
You have your problems
Hey you're Bono
An outspoken rock star

Maybe I don't hate you
Maybe I don't loathe you
Lets just be friends