I sit in my room
Waiting for your call
When will it come?
The phone lays motionless
For hours on end
Never hearing a sound from the other end
Loving you is the best thing I've been through
Can't seem to ever forget the times we've had
You never let me down before but I guess there's a first time for
I thought it would all be truthful but you seem to think not
I hope that this will not be the end but just another thought
Making sure all the lines are empty
Clear for the miles that lay between us
But must not be completely clear
For I still can't see you perfectly
There's something blocking your face
The face that lied
The face that cried
The face that cannot be denied
Can't you see that it's just tearing me apart
More and more each day
Why can't you just tell me
Why you just couldn't stay
If you've noticed by now
I'll love you forever
Even all your peculiarities
Its all stuff that can be worked out
If only I knew whether you loved me too
Then I could be happy with just you and me
You just never told me
What you really meant