My computer's being retarded and is set to the British Dictionary, so that's why things are spelled a bit weird... for those of us who aren't English, that is.

This sucks more than usual because I have NO IDEA as to how to begin the story.

This popped into my head one day while sitting in the cafeteria watching two friends make out and watching the guy who was watching them.

And I'm sorry if Terzago gets a bit bubbly and happy at some points. He's SUPPOSED to be mean and evil and nasty, but the fluff lover inside of me gets the best of me sometimes.

/thoughts/ -emphasis-


Terzago slipped into his honours English class quietly. It was thirty minuets until the bell rang, but his table had been over run by two homosexual freaks. And they were -kissing-.

/Gay people.../ Terzago shivered. How anyone could like their own sex was WAY far beyond him.

As the time came closer to 7:25, more students began to file in. To Terzago's surprise the usually empty seat beside him was filled. And the person who was filling it was very unwelcome.

"Who the fuck told you you could sit there?" He snapped.

The long haired boy looked up from whatever he'd been reading and smiled. "The teacher. She said you and I would be partners since you didn't have one." After a short pause he added, "My name's Damion. What's yours?"

Deciding to ignore the question Terzago began to eye his obviously gay partner critically. This Damion character was way too perky for his likes. Not to mention all the make-up and 'I love Johnny Depps' on his binder. Or the rainbow pony painted on his arm.

/Great. Now I have a fag stuck to me for the rest of my English classes this year./


After the teacher gave them their assignment, the class broke up into their groups and began to work on it. By the time the rest of the class was almost finished, an hour and 15 minutes later, Damion and Terzago still had yet to write the first sentence.

"Now, listen, fag. What qualities does Ender-"

"You shouldn't call people fags. It's not very nice."

Terzago sighed. "Fine. Damion, what qualities-"

"Can I call you 'Terzy'?"

/Terzy? What kind of name is THAT?/ "NO, you whore. I don't want to turn into you."

Damion frowned. "That wouldn't be cool. Having two of me wouldn't make me special anymore."


"Raising your voice a lot could make you go deaf when you're older."

Terzago stared at Damion in silent wonder. How could anyone be so stupid and clueless? They were going to fail because of this stupid fairy. He voiced this opinion, though in not so kind words. Damion just smiled.

"Relax, dearest. We can just go to my place after school and work on it there."

"NO! I'm not wasting a perfect afternoon at a fag's house," Terzago said, horrified. "I don't want to be tainted!"

"Then we can go to your house," Damion replied. "Do you have any My Little Pony books? I'm missing a few..." He laughed silently at Terzago's reaction. This was fun.


"Then we can just fail. Not like I care." Damion reached out and stroked Terzago's soft brown hair. "Terzy, you have such beautiful hair. Why don't you grow it out?"

Terzago jumped up from his chair, ignoring the strange looks he received from his fellow classmates. "You disgusting little-"

Damion smiled. "Saved by the bell!" Terzago snatched up his bag and stalked out of the classroom, but he was not two steps from the doorway when he felt something catch his arm and pull him back.

"Here," Damion said, writing something on his hand. "This is my number. Phone me so we can work on that project."

Terzago spent the rest of the school day trying to rub off the glittery purple pen.


Yess... It was short... ::doesn't care::

And just to let you know, the rainbow pony on Damion's arm is Rainbow Dash from My Little Pony. And, no, I'm not a huge fan of that show, even though I think they're all cute.

How bad was it?