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The next morning before school started and after he had made sure that his little brother and sister were up and ready for their school, Damion dragged himself upstairs into his room and laid sprawled out in several directions on his bed.

Damion was never one to be brought down by insults and threats, in fact most he found was to laugh at, but Terzago's words cut straight through his heart. He didn't know why, he'd only known the guy a day and it wasn't as though Terzago had said anything original. Damion rolled over onto his stomach and shoved the problem to the back of his mind. Reaching out for a grey stuffed kitty, the long haired boy went to sleep.


At the sound of his no-school-day-alarm buzzing, Damion awoke with a start.

/What the hell? It wasn't supposed to go off for another hour and forty five minutes! How long have I been a sleep?!/

He glanced over at the clock. 8:25. School had started an hour ago.


Damion rolled out out of his bed to get his stuff together...

... only to trip on his hair brush and fall flat on his face.


He got back up and walked over to his closet, where, being as short as he was, he had to stand on his toes and stretch to reach the top shelf to get his books. After failing several times, he bent bent down to move a stool under him so he could reach. Then, of course, -all- of his big heavy books came toppling down on him.

/This really is not my day./

Giving up on school, Damion gathered a few stuffed animals in his arms, sat down on his bed, and looked around his new room. His parents had divorced only a few months ago and, unfortunately for gay Damion, the anti-homo mother had gotten custody.

Life wasn't too bad, actually. His mother was rarely home and Damion loved taking care of the house and prettying it up. He also liked looking after his younger siblings who he loved with all of his heart.

Lying back on his back, Damion closed his eyes and smiled at the thought of his sister. She was only ten but she had brains and guts. Hell, she was smarter then him.

"Dami?" Speak of the devil.

Damion cracked his eyes open and was greeted by her golden curls and sky blue eyes.

"Hey there, Sissy. Shouldn't you be at school?"

"Mama said that she was too busy. Could you take me? It's not very far and I don't want to go by myself..." Ginger gave him her ever famous Puppy Eyes. "Please?"

Damion sighed. He was feeling really lazy, but what the hell. "Alright, Ginger-baby. Lemme get some shoes on..."

Ginger giggled happily and ran downstairs to pick up her school bag. By the time Damion was out the door, she was already half way down the street.


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