I'm Not…

How can I tell her?

            It's not her…

                        Or what she said…

                                    Or did?

I'm just not gay?

I wish she understood

            I like her…

                        As a friend…

                                    No more

'Cause I'm not gay

She's fascinating to talk to




But I don't think I'm gay

How can I explain?

            I listen to T.A.T.U…

                        I write slash…

                                    I watch Queer Eye

But I'm just not gay

I respect who she is

            She might be bi…

                        Maybe not…

                                    In denial?

But for now, I'm not gay

I'm happy to be friends

            She's friendly

                        She's accepting

                                    She's articulate

But I'm not gay

I see her every single day

            She wonders what's wrong

                        Why I won't talk

                                    Why I avoid her

It's because I'm not gay

I feel confused and afraid

            I don't want to say it

                        I don't know that much

                                    I don't want to be cruel

It's no one's fault, I'm just not gay