Angel of Earth

Drifting through the realms of time

Forever falling…

Forever seeking…

That is where she can be found.

Sifting through the grains of sand

Finding peace…

Finding pain…

The spell weaver chants her rhyme.

Crystal waters in the air

Chasing dreams…

Chasing death…

Ever flowing down as rain.

Enchanting forevermore

Calling all,

Calling us,

Heard only by those who care.

Tear down this destructive wall,

Looming night,

Looming fear,

And understand what she says:

"Hearken to my voice mortals,

Living blindly,

Living darkly,

Chaos overcomes you all.

"Cast away those dark shadows!

Breathe in the light!

Take in the day!

And break the chains that bind you!

"The light beckons to be free,

To chase the dark

And bring the peace

That the darkness readily loathes.

"Why continue this madness

Which plagues all living mortals,

Consuming the purest souls?

Come away from the chaos.

"Return to your time of birth

Filled with peace and innocence.

Return to the realm of light…

And once again find gladness."