Forever Waiting

I'll be waiting my love, for that one special kiss,
I'll wait forever, just because I know for a moment I'll be in bliss.
Time can carry on forever, and I'll still be waiting,
I'll watch from this cliff over the seas, and wait until your ship stops
You left me for war, I know you'll come back,
I said I will wait, but patience is what I lack.
When will you be here, to hold me and love,
When can we just let our troubles soar up above?
I'll be waiting my love, for that one special day,
The day you'll arrive and carry me away.
It's been a long time, since I saw your sweet face,
It's a memory now, blowing away like a thin strip of lace.
I've waited on this cliff, and never abandoned it,
Do you remember? It's where we promised our love would always be lit.
The light shining, from your heart to mine,
Is your guidance back home in a safe narrow line.
But you never did come back, from the horrendous war,
You left me to wait with my broken core.
Now my body is consumed by thick crumbled stone,
I'll be forever waiting, waiting alone.