Guitar riffs surrounding me
Swirling, engrossing me
Steadily taking over me
The Hendrix Experience.
A magician if ever there were one.
Sit still, Let Jimi take over!
Worship the guitar god!
Sit still, Let Jimi take over!
A multicouloured swirling light takes over
as guitar riffs vibrate their way thru my body
sending shivers down my spine
Im in heaven
floating on a cloud of music
ethereal guitars, swirling sounds
engrossing me entierly
In worship to the god of guitar
Enjoy the Hendrix experience!
Lose control, forget your mortal life
float above the earth
fly past the stars
surf on a purple haze.
Let Jimi take the wheel
Enjoy the Jimi Hendrix experience!

yours in randomness!