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The Tanquesseien Experiment: Based on a true fantasy shared by friends

Chapter 1: Some Day We'll Make History


Katy Flannery crossed her fingers as Ms. Fox passed back the geometry tests. The girls in front of her groaned as they received theirs, heralding bad news for most of the class. This particular test was supposed to be the hardest of the year, and it was obviously living up to its reputation. Katy giggled softly to herself. She had sympathy for her classmates, of course, but geometry was her best subject. She had nothing to worry about. Her thoughts were confirmed as she received her test, with a bright red "102%, great job!" scribbled at the top. She glanced over to her friend Nicole's paper (she knew she wouldn't mind) and saw a bright red "76%." The two girls exchanged glances and randomly started laughing. Ms. Fox's voice, accompanied by the beeping bell, signaled the end of class: "Those of you that received below a seventy, come see me for test corrections if you would like your grade to be raised. See you tomorrow."

Katy stood up, swinging her heavy backpack behind her and smoothing her plaid skirt. Outside the math lab, she found her other friend Lizzie Lewis looking through her test with a smug look on her face while fiddling with a pleat in her skirt that didn't fold quite right. (A/N: For those of you out there that aren't good at catching onto things, this is a story basically about me and my friends, which means that everyone is wearing a plaid skirt and kneesocks, carrying backpacks twice their weight, while walking through the wonderful halls of their all girls school.) "How'd you do?" Katy broke the silence.

"102%, you?" replied Lizzie with an amused look on her face.

"Same. We're good. It's a shame that algebra will never be this easy."

"Yeah, seriously. I know! Someday we'll invent a time machine, and go back in time and make tons of money inventing geometry!" Katy laughed.

"That's perfect! We'll take our books with us, and copy them by hand and show them to all the smart people in ancient Greece! We'll be famous! And then we'll find some really hot Greek guys too." she trailed off.

"Sounds perfect. Unfortunately we have to conquer study hall with the Study Hall Nazi first." Lizzie groaned at the thought of Mrs. Ryan's cracked methods of entertaining her study halls. Katy followed suit.

"Prepare yourself for a double period of waterfalls on tape, dearie."

"Don't I know it."


The two girls arrived at the study hall after trekking all the way across the school and up the mansion steps. As they walked into Mrs. Ryan's room, they were greeted with a rush of soft noise, exactly as Katy had predicted. "Girls, today we will be exploring the realm of studying in quiet darkness, with the soft lulls of the waterfall to encourage your academic prowess." Katy and Lizzie tried hard not to laugh.

"Does she honestly think that this is helpful?" Lizzie whispered to Katy while trying to do her homework in the dark.

"She's completely lost it. Let's sign out to the library." Katy carefully got up and stepped over to Mrs. Ryan's desk. "Excuse me, Mrs. Ryan. Lizzie and I need to go to the library to work on. a math project. May we sign out?"

"Certainly, dear. Though I must admit, the library lacks the gentle clairvoyance of academics that this room possesses. However, a project is a project. Be on your way."

Katy and Lizzie hurriedly grabbed their things and left the classroom as quickly as they could manage. They walked briskly down to the library. They plopped their stuff next to a couple of comfy chairs in the atrium, and looked up "time travel" on the computer directory. "This one looks interesting." Lizzie called Katy over to her computer. "'The Tanquesseien Experiment,' published in 1898. Same year the school was founded. Think it's worth a try?"

"Sure. It's not like we'll find it in the Encyclopedia Britannica," Katy replied.

"Of course you would, it just wouldn't be as helpful!" Lizzie walked off to fetch the book, while Katy went to grab some of the others the computer had listed. They pulled their chairs together, and opened 'The Tanquesseien Experiment.'