Living In Harmony

By:Andrew Troy Keller

Crystal Stark has just graduated from Cleveland State University and was about to try to get her solo singing career off the ground,so that she would've been able to zoom her way to the top.

But just as she was about to do so,Crystal had suddenly discovered a stumbling block in the form of her father,Jeremy Stark,who had insisted that she takes a 'real job' at his magazine publishing business,which had instead caused her to be so depressed that she wasn't able to smile for at least a year and caused her father to realize that he had made a trully big mistake in taking his beloved little angel's dreams away from her.

And so,on Thursday,February the 5th at percisely 5:08 PM,Jeremy had told Crystal that he was sorry about what he had done to her future and that if she still wanted to go for a singing career,he'll support her one hundred and ten precent.

And after she had wrapped her arms around her beloved father and gave him a great big hug,Crystal had allowed a single tear to run down her cheek and told him that he had made her the happiest woman on Earth.

The next day,after he had helped her clean out her desk,Jeremy had drove Crystal to an audition that was being held at Tower City,which was inside the Terminal Tower.

The auditions were being held by a man known as 'Mister Music',Zachary Staubach,who was looking for some fresh new talent for his record company,Satrgate Records and Warren Roddenberry,who was looking for a new voice to be the lead singer of his group,Badrock.

But after some of the would-be music superstars had auditioned and performed badly,Warren had suddenly realized that it was going to be impossible for him to find a new voice within such a crowd.

But then suddenly,just as he was about to go back to his room inside the Stouffer's Tower City Hotel,Warren was stopped by a wonderous sounding voice that could've came from someone who was actually an angel herself.

And as soon as he had turned towards the source of such a voice,Warren had let out a smile,for he had spotted a truly beautiful young woman standing on a certain spot and singing her heart out.

And after she had finished singing the entire song,Warren had walked over to Crystal,placed his gentle hands on top of her's and told her that not had she passed the audition,she had also won the lead singer job.

And even though she was hoping to do a solo act,Crystal has decided to accept the lead singer job for two reasons:First,she would be able to skyrocket up to the top and second,after she had taken a really good look at Warren and saw how handsome he truly was,she would be pleased as punch to become part of the same heavy metal band as he is.

And so,a year later,with their new lead singer in the band,Badrock was able to have a more successful career than ever before.

And it had kept on getting better for Crystal,for after the band had finished performing a concert inside the Gund Arena and returned to their rooms inside the Stouffer's Tower City Hotel,Warren had placed himself in front of Crystal,gotten down on one knee and asked her to marry him.

And of course,the only answer that a teary eyed Crystal had given him was "Yes".

Then,after they had looked at each other for about a minute or two,both Warren and Crystal had kissed each other ever so passionately on the lips.

And after the kiss,the two lovers had moved themselves over to the bed,removed all of their clothes and began to enjoy one of the most erotic nights of their lives.

Then,a few weeks later,Crystal had paid a visit to Jeremy's publishing house and told him the good news--that she and Warren were getting married,which had caused Jeremy to let out a smile and gave his beloved daughter a great big hug,for she had returned the favor and made him the happiest man on Earth.

And so,on Tuesday,July the 27th,at a nearby church,both Warren Roddenberry and Crystal Stark were married in such a lavish ceremony,which has been paid for by her beloved father,Jeremy Stark.

Of course,that was then and this is now,so only one question remains:Whatever happened to Warren,Crystal and the rest of Badrock?

Well,the band itself is still going strong and has recently released their latest album entitled A Real Hot Bitch,which has so far sold a million copies in the U.S. alone.

As for Warren and Crystal,they're both living in a house somewhere in the suburb of Berea,Ohio with their adorable five year old daughter named Kelly,which had given a new meaning to the phrase,'Living in harmony'.