Summer's Smile

The warm summer breeze blows through my hair,
Crickets chirping in the distance,
I smell the moist, candy air.
My hands are dirty, my feet are worn,
But I don't care,
I keep running, laughing,
I can almost taste the summer's smile.
The royal sky winks,
Diamonds sparkling from heaven,
Fields glow silver in the moonlight.
No one for miles around,
No one to hear us laughing,
Screaming to the sky.
We run faster and faster,
Chasing the moon,
And were flying,
Touching the stars,
Nothing could take the smile from my face,
And we're lying in the grass,
Laughing our heads off,
Having the time of our lives.
And I cry myself to sleep,
Taking everything for granted,
As I watch the snow fall.