Welcome 2 Banana-ville
By Master Chief

I dunno if it was all a dream
if I was rollin
if I was twisted
if I was flyin'
or if I was dyin'
All I know, though, was that it was straight


It started off normally enough…
I was walking down the street
as the torrential downpour came down on me…
I thought to myself: "Dammit, I just had my hair washed!"
But at that point I couldn't help it
so on I walked
to an old brick building
but as I walked, a fleet of foul, smelly balls led by a rogue butterfly
jumped me…
I broke into a sprint
to avoid being hit
but then I was hit
but not by ball or butterfly, though,
but a terrible case of the thing we call munchies—
and I had a craving for butterfly…
So I led with my mouth and caught that m***er f***er on my tongue.
It tasted like chicken too…
and you know how much us black folk love us some chicken…
…female chickens are even better

"wink-wink, nudge-nudge"

So with my six now clear, I proceeded into said building
with swagger in my stride
don't even ask me why
but I felt so much pride
even after grubbing on a defenseless butterfly
So in I walked and there were three things that made me say

F***ing BANANAS!

There was a Golden Axe,
a red balloon,
and a weird ass hen with a tail, she was rocking a pair of Jordan's
and she was nursing her baby chicks.
The only thing missing was my fistful of boomstick…
The axe was in a class case that said
and in parenthesis, in extremely fine print, it said…
"only if you need to powder your face…"

What the hell kinda s**t is that??? Who needs a damned axe to powder their face????

I yelled aloud
I was totally fed up
so I smashed the glass
and proceeded to kick some @$$.
The first victim was the annoying red balloon.
I gave it to him the worst… I can't stand red balloons, you know.
I like blue ones though.
So I sliced him through
but he didn't scream
he popped instead.
I did have fun with the female chicken though
especially cause I planned on frying her
but I was feeling generous today…
So I cut her tail off instead.
I even thought about stealing the egg that she was birthing…
but then I realized that she might have just been constipated
And then for some reason I thought about
what numbers I'd play for the night's Super Lotto…
so instead of swiping one of her unhatched babies
I swiped her jordan's
I thought to myself, "I could sell these on E-bay!"
And all through my rampage all I could think about were…


So I made my way out of the building
which I now realized was right next to a ball park
in front of which my dream car was parked.
I instantly knew how she breathed too…
She was forcefully induced by a massive Turbonetics T-88 Turbine…
And then out of the blue, somebody tapped my shoulder
He looked like a clueless chimp,
spoke like a simp,
and wore a suit…
He rapped a line from a Nas song too:
"I'm the mayor
I'm the governor
I'm the m***er f***ing president."

"Who are you?" I asked.

Round these parts,
they call me Dubya,
he said…

"Where am I?" I asked.

"You're in none other than BANANA-VILLE!"


And in my shock, I dropped the axe
right into my food hoping I would wake up…
And I did, but I didn't.
George W. Bush was still the president….