This Winter

This winter just keeps getting colder

I feel under the weather every day of my life

When did it get so cold?

When did the playful snow turn into unfeeling ice?

When did everything go wrong?

I know spring will come soon

But it seems so far away

The sunlight teases us sometimes

Makes us smile for a moment

But then we remember that we don't allow ourselves to be happy

And winter seems befitting once again.

Spring means a new start

A fresh, beautiful beginning

But how can you begin again,

When there has been no ending?

Resolution seems impossible

Forgetting an unreachable dream

In time this will be a distant memory

A faded photograph covered in a film of dust

With creased, folded edges

And the imprint of a finger standing out.

But it's been such a long and ruthless winter

And I feel as though a thousand summers

Couldn't wash me of it.

Yet I long for the glory of a new summer

I hope to be cleansed by the ocean's rolling waves

And have my innocence resurrected.