The USS Strand Massacure
By:Andrew Troy Keller

Commander Roger Hammond has been serving
On board the USS Stephen Hawking
With such uncommon valor for nine years.
But that was until Derek,his own brother
Had came aboard and told him something
That had made his skin crawl.

Derek told him that something made all
The members of the United Galaxies High
Council accuse his father of being a spy
For their enemies,the Charcrol.

After that,Roger had taken a shuttle and
Zoomed back to Earth and the Council's Grand
Hall,but it was too late,for they had
Already found him guilty of being such a cad
And causing a massacure of the USS Strand.

That broken his heart,for he knew that his
Father was innocent of a crime such as this
And he was actually the one who caused the
Charcrol to perform the USS Strand massacure.
In short,the fault was actually his.