Dark Reflections

I lie on the bed
thinking of the best and worst
times of my life.

I fight back tears and

catch a glimpse of my reflection

in the mirror on the other side of the room.

I seem like a part of the

world out of place.

I have no dark reflection,

nor any light one; for within me,

the eternal struggle has ended...

I am dark, only dark.

Feeling dark emotions, thinking

dark thoughts. Pain, I either

feel double or nothing.

Love... I have given up.

I gave up feeling a lot of

things a long time ago... and

I haven't restarted since.

Go now and shout your joy

before I place my curse on you...

I'm still lying on the bed, the wall

cold behind me, the world icy in

front, and frozen within me.

I used to be normal,

some distant age ago...

before I got sucked in by the

ever-growing vortex that

has become a part of me.

Now, I have allowed you

a brief glance of my

dark reflections...