Observations from the Girl's Locker Room: End Phase

~The Last Chapter of a Cindy Moon Creation~

            So as the year draws to a close, so do my observations, ones completely saturated with my opinion I'm afraid. I'll admit I was a bit judgemental, but I predict you would have been too if you had to endure that sort of demeanor every day of your adolescent life. However, I wasn't judgemental without being justified. It's only fair that I can make remarks if so many others make them upon me. (Alas the truth unfolds; perhaps I AM that bitter person so many perceive me to be.) I am the nerd that always yields her contacts to the bathroom drain. I am the church girl who is at times forced to scold others for their indecency, "There's no fucking profanity here!" I am that random psycho tree who finds a way to annoy the hell out of people.

            Come to think about it, I take back the comment I said earlier. I am not bitter about others judging me. I embrace the flawed person that I AM. So as to a reply on being judgemental, it was without justification. All those who oppose may now inflict upon me the fleas of a thousand camels.

            Nevertheless, wouldn't you agree that this was an entertaining little story, one where you need to figure out what was real, and what was dragged to a hyperbolic extent?

            Now I give to you, the end. The very, very, very end…

How to Love Yourself When the Rest of the World Hates You

(To be done with the company of "Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend", "Smooth Criminal", "Bootylicious", "Under the Sea", or "What Dreams are Made of")

            Those songs were meant to boost your self-esteem. (Well, at least for some) I want you to get a chair, preferably one that is close to breaking, and place it in front of mirrors. Dance egotistically. Sing off-key. Live on the un-buttered side of the toast. Sit in the chair strategically placed in front of the mirror and smile. You are the world's most wonderful person. Everyone wants to be you. Chin up. The world is a better place because you are in it, and no one can tell you otherwise. Appearance means everything. Attractive people make it further in life. Keep reminding yourself of your ability to be love by all. Do all this and when the chair breaks you can snap back into reality.

            Read between the lines, there are lessons to life here. The inevitable has come.

            This is the end, the very, very, very end. I promise you this is the end.

            ~El Fin~

To my reviewers: Thank you for all your constant support, and your candor. This couldn't have been written without you. I take my leave now, but I sincerely hope this tale will linger forever.