There are feelings in this world,
Many contradict with the others.
Relations between close friends,
Fight between good brothers.
But there are more,
Hidden deep in the heart.
You know that feeling well,
That feeling will not part.
Love, the unexplainable thought.
Could it be at first sight?
Love, the deepest feeling,
Will it wait every night?
It's confusing.
Don't know when it will come.
The heart rages faster,
Thoughts that make you feel numb.
Adrenaline rush.
As their eyes pierce your thoughts.
Does he notice my hair?
Will she like what I bought?
Things turn upside down,
Your mind can't stay away.
You drift from reality,
Forgetting about today.
This is love.
The unexplainable thing.
Not knowing what's next,
Or what time will bring.