The Darkness of Your Lies
5 February 2004
10:27 P.M.

Strong arms wrapped around me tight.
Carry me into the darkness of the night
Heart of stone shields your words
False love declared, it's absurd
Why do you make me feel?
That the truth in your words is real?
I can't stand feeling this way
Why else did I give you up that day?
That fateful day you made your mistake
and I realized the decision I had to make.
I couldn't let you hurt me anymore
Because then the blame knocked on my door
If I let you keep on hurting me
Then it was my fault, don't you see?
So why do you still come here?
Can't you see my eyes fill up with tears?
Still you whisper the words I don't want to hear!
But my heart feels your love coming near
Your strong arms wrap around me tight
And as I stop fighting, you carry me
Into the darkness of your lies.