The Outlaw and The Rose

By writerforever

Chapter 1

The Outlaw

June 1885

All that could be seen on the lone prairie was the group of outlaws. The stars twinkled up in the big night sky and all was quiet except for the sound of hooves pounding on the ground.

Twenty-year-old Jason Morrison sat astride his roan horse as he rode along with the group of outlaws. His light blue eyes scanned the prairie for any sign of danger. He was a young and independent man with brownish hair. He had arrived in the untamed west with his mother and father. They had built a sod house and lived on the prairie for several years. Then one hot summer night they were attacked by Comanche Indians. Jason had been thirteen-years-old and he could remember it like it was yesterday. . .

Jason stood out by the corral petting his horse Bo. It was hot and a warm breeze blew. Thunder rolled up in the sky above. "Storm's a coming on," Jason said to no one in particular. He turned and glanced out across the open prairie. He had always thought the prairie was a lonely place but for some reason he loved it. There was a peace and silence about it. But at that moment the peace and silence was broken. For riding towards the sod house was a group of Indians. "Comanches!" Jason said under his breath.

He turned and raced inside the house. "Ma! Papa! Comaches are heading this way!" he exclaimed. Samuel, Jason's father, walked over and looked out the door. He watched as the Comanches galloped towards the house. He turned away quickly and got the rifle that was hanging over the door frame. He then turned to Jason and his wife. "Go into the bedroom and stay there," Samuel said.

Mary, Jason's mother covered her mouth to keep from sobbing. "Samuel!" she said crying. Samuel walked over to her and Jason and took them both in an embrace. He then ordered them to go into the bedroom to hide but Jason said, "Papa, please let me stay and help you fight." Samuel smiled and touched his son's face and turned away.

Mary took her son by the hand and they went into the bedroom. There they crouched beside the bed. Jason listened as the Comanches gave a war cry. He heard his father fire the rifle then suddenly all was silent. Then he heard a crash as the Comanches busted through the door. Mary pushed Jason under the bed and tried to hide him as much as she could. But he was very reluctant to hide. He couldn't bare the thoughts of leaving his mother to the Indians. "Ma, I don't want to hide. I want to protect you," he said. "No Jason! You must hide and live. Live Jason," Mary said kissing her son for the last time. Jason hid under the bed covered with quilts. He soon heard several Comanches enter the room. He heard his mother scream and listened as the Comanches drug her out of the room. It was a very long time before Jason emerged from underneath the bed.

As he stepped out of the bedroom he saw his father lying in the doorway. Three arrows were stuck into his father's chest. A pool of blood surrounded his father and Jason saw that the Comanches had scalped his father. The sight of his father lying there dead frightened Jason. He ran over and knelt down beside his father. He reached out and touched his father's blood stained face, "Pa, please don't go! Please don't leave me alone!" he said sobbing.

Jason was found by outlaw Harvey Johnson and his gang a few days later. Harvey Johnson was a middle-age man and the leader of a gang of outlaws. He was the best outlaw there was, always one step ahead of the law. Harvey was usually a rough man but when he had seen Jason in such terror and shock from losing his parents at the hand of Comanche Indians he took pity on the boy. He had taken Jason under his wing and now he was like a son to him.

"Hey Jason, are you alive back there!" Harvey yelled interrupting Jason's thoughts. Jason urged his horse forward and up to the front of the group. There was seven men in Harvey's bunch. They were a rough gang of men. They weren't afraid to kill and were always ready and eager to do what Harvey told them.

Jason rode in beside Harvey. "What do ya want?" he asked. "I wanted to talk to ya," Harvey said pulling his cowboy hat tighter onto his head. "Well, what was it that you wanted to talk to me about?" Jason asked. "I wanted to tell you the plan that I've come up with but first we're going to stop and make camp over there by that cottonwood," Harvey said.

An hour later the outlaws sat around a campfire drinking coffee, or that's what they called it. It was basically brown water and not very tasty but the men were thankful to get it.

As they all sat around the campfire Harvey stood. "I got something to tell ya'll," Harvey said. All eyes turned upon Harvey as he began to speak.

"Men, I've come up with a plan. There's a town not too far from here called Rosetown. It's a small town run by a rich feller named Paul Kenton. He built the town and sort of runs it. Now I've had some run ins with ol' Paul and I don't like him. He had me put in jail for a year and I swore that I would get my revenge when I got out of jail. So when I got out of jail I started trying to find out where Paul was. I finally came across where he was. The information that I received told of Rosetown. I soon found out that ol' Paul was running the town. So, we are going to go into Rosetown and we are going to wipe Paul Kenton out. But now we aint going to wipe him out for awhile. Jason here is going to go into town and check things out for awhile. We'll lay low while he checks things out for a couple of days. That is until I can come up with a way to get rid of Harvey for good then we strike," Harvey said. The other men nodded their heads showing that they liked Harvey's plan.

"What about lawmen? Won't there be lawmen in Rosetown?" Jason asked. Harvey laughed and said, "That's the best part. They only got one measly old sheriff. Since it's a new town they haven't been able to get many volunteers to be lawmen."

A few moments later while the other outlaws talked Harvey and Jason discussed the plan. "Just exactly what am I supposed to do?" Jason asked. "All you got to do is see where Paul's house is and just check things out. Stay in town about three days and me and the boys will stay here until you come back. Then we'll attack Paul's house and kill him and then we will destroy the town," Harvey said. "Are you sure this plan is going to work?" Jason asked. "Sure it'll work! When Harvey comes up with a plan it always works," Harvey said smiling. Jason sighed. He wasn't so sure about this plan of Harvey's. It seemed to risky to him but he wasn't going to say anymore. He just felt that something bad was going to happen. He couldn't put his finger on it right now but in time he would find out.

To be continued. . .