Okay this chapter may seem to be a bit "Happens - in- fairytales- only" sort of thing but I thought it would be neat to make Jason and Rose meet this way even though everyone is probably going to stay it is stupid.

The Outlaw and The Rose

By writerforever

Chapter 2


Nineteen-year-old Rose Kenton walked along the dusty street of Rosetown. The warm breeze blew her black tendrils that had escaped from the tight bun at the nape of her neck. She was a beautiful girl with a perfect complection. Every young man in Rosetown would give anything to have Rose for their bride and many of them had proposed. But Rose had turned them all down. None of them seemed right for her. She wanted a man who would love her for everything about her and not just about her looks. She wanted a man who would appreciate her and love her with everything within him. "What you want is the perfect man. They are almost impossible to find," her father had said once. But Rose knew deep inside her heart that someday her knight in shining armor would ride into town and sweep her off her feet.

Rose lived with her father in a large house. It was the biggest house in all Rosetown. Her father, Paul Kenton, had made sure it was. He had said that it was appropriate that their house be the biggest since he was the one who ran Rosetown. As much as she loved her father, Rose often disagreed with her father's ideas and the way he thought life should be. Ever since her mother had died, Rose had always felt rather alone. Her father was a busy man and had never really had time to talk with his daughter. But as always Rose made the best of things.

Rose stepped into the local General Store and soon emerged with a basket of supplies in the crook of her arm. She turned and started across the street. But as she did she did not notice the oncoming wagon. She was too busy looking through a book that she had bought.

The wagon was moving at a fast pace and when Rose looked up she saw it coming right at her. She screamed and just as the wagon almost hit her she was pulled out of the way by strong arms.

After the wagon had passed Rose let out a sigh of relief. She dusted off her dress and turned to the stranger that had pulled her out of harms way. "Thank you so much," she said smiling at the stranger. Her rescuer was a young man that looked to be in his twenties. He had brownish hair and he was very handsome but he looked rather rugged.

Jason Morrison smiled at the flustered girl that he had just rescued. She was a beautiful girl. Probably the prettiest girl he'd ever seen and he found himself staring at her. Finally he spoke. "Oh it was nothing," Jason said. Rose felt very embarrassed. "How stupid it was of me to be walking in the middle of the street reading a book! I feel so embarrassed now," Rose said touching her cheek with a gloved hand. She then said, "I can't thank you enough for what you did. I would like it very much if you. . .would. . .well. . .that is if you wanted too. Would you like to join me and my father for supper?" As soon as Rose asked she couldn't believe she had. People just didn't go around asking strangers to supper. But for some odd reason this man didn't seem a stranger to her.

Jason thought for a moment then he smiled, "I'd be more than glad to eat supper with you," he said. Rose smiled, "Good. Oh by the way my name's Rose," she said. He nodded, "I'm Jason," he said.

To be continued. . .

I'm sorry this chapter is so short. I'll try to make the next one longer.