Athame, crystal, pentacle, chalice
All upon the altar laid
This my temple and my palace
The place where every charm is made

I cast the circle, invoke each quarter,
Call the Lord and Lady hence
Earth and Air, Fire and Water
To each my reverence.

Woodland, meadow, forest, glade
I go to each to invoke the vision
In the Father's light or the Mother's shade
To work with magick is my decision

Of my own free will I dedicate
Spirit and body into her Light
Worship, follow and appreciate
I keep Her always in my sight.

To the rhythm and the rhyme
We are bound, her initiates
Where the Lady's light does shine
We shall worship, our path is set.

By the three-fold law we vow
Never to hate and never to harm
For never will we malevolence allow
Friendly the intent, and benevolent the charm

Light the candles on the altar
Speak the charm and invoke the spell
Spirit be steady, faith never falter
Live ye must, and live ye well.