Spare Change

I stretch open my wings and soar,

People watch and think me to be unstoppable,

But I'm not at all what I was before,

I've changed since then: I'm only unreachable.

I want to be found, I want to be caught.

Time passes by without sight of my goal,

It occurs to me that I'm not what is sought…

So I change again: now I have a soul.

They pass by without giving me notice, I see –

Why can't they pause to ask and help me out?

Their life is too important for the likes of me,

I have to change again: I lose my doubt.

I run and dance, jump and sing!

Some become aware and try hard to join in,

They can't keep up, such an ironic thing.

Time to change again: I stoop low and sin.

I adore my wings; I love the draft,

But I don't want to expire mid-flight.

No, I'd prefer to fall softly and laugh,

I change yet again: I gain inner-sight.

My life is a maze with many twists,

Compared to society, I'm rather strange.

I can see it all, through the mists –

Will you hold me tight, so that I won't change?