You know what's really sad? That's right. Perky angst writers. Fresh from's most enthusiastic (and untalented) barracks, right onto our doorstep.

That's not to say all of them are bad. Some of them are semi-literate.


Blood Filled Heart! ^_^

authors note: hey every1, i'm Sparkly_Shiny_Pony_Gurl54 ^_^ this is my 1st time on Ficoitnpress so dont flame me pleez? thankies! ^_^* ^_^* ^_^*
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SparklyShinypnyGrl: -_-;;; dont listen to my Yami shes just high on sugar rite now, okees onto da poem!! ^_^

disclaimer: i dobnt own angst or anything, i just like writing about it so pleez pleez dont sue! ^^

i look in the mirror
and i see a face staring back at me
so full of suicidal thoughts
i want to hurt that face
because its such a horrible person
nobody would ever like her
because she is horrible
people tell her lies
filled with broken tears
tears that will never be put back
in their eye sockets
i wish i could feel
happiness in my heart
but i cant becauxe it's been torn out
and never put back
i'm so unhappy
i want to kill myself
because of you
and how you never loved me
ever ever ever.

authors note: ^_^;;; that wasnt very good but i tried my best, okies? Pleeeeeeeez review or i will be so sad
Yami Sparkly: ur right that was a stoopid poem
SparklyShinyponyGrl: -_-;;;;


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