It was weird: her self-confidence had never been this high. She was so used to being labeled the "Goth-freak" in jr. high, and now that she was a freshman, it didn't matter. She lost the Goth, and quickly had assimilated a hardcore image, but it wasn't just a facade to keep out wandering eyes this time. She really felt like this was who she was, and this was where she belonged. The "music-crew" was the collective title, but mostly it was just a shortened form of "we're not going to bother giving you guys a proper title." How kind.

She was different. Not in an odd, X-men type of way, but her whole being had a kind of aura about it that told you the first time you saw her, "Hey, that chick's got something."

Most of her friends were guys, this was true, and was also pointed out by onlookers as much as possible. The scene would have been more than a bit odd considering the sexist nature of the school. Girls hung in packs of girls, accompanied by the occasional boyfriend, and guys were usually chilling around their dudes, and sometimes they hung out with their girl. She didn't see the point in this, and she found girls held qualities of fickleness and spite, among other things she detested, so the obvious solution: hang with guys.

She had hobbies just like anyone else. She was really into music, mostly branches of Hardcore and she would occasionally admit to listening to Emo. She loved to draw and had recently been labeled an abstract artist, which was probably due to the fact that she was a writer. Or the beginnings of one as she referred to herself.

Two of her best friends she almost never got to see. Julz went to a different high school on the other side of town. They saw each other very rarely, maybe once every other weekend to catch up with each other's lives. It may seem like a lot, but when you remember that they used to see each other every day, it's next to nothing.

Now Derek, he's a catch. They've known each other for quite some time, and their friendship is unlike anything anyone has ever seen before. It's backed by the purest intentions. They live quite a ways away from each other; a few states lie between them, yet every day, on instant messenger, they talk about everything. It's obvious there's a love behind it, but no one says anything.

Her life is fairly normal, the occasional teenaged drama here or there, mostly just hanging out with her friends. This is a collection of her thoughts, her friends' thoughts, journal entries, and conversations, all compiled so that another's life may be viewed by others, not as a spectator sport, but as an observation of a lifestyle.

This is Kat Dwyer's story.