xchipsXdipx: I can't believe she did that. I'll never talk to her again
MetallicaRulez9386: no, don't say that. I need you to get the dirt from her for me
xchipsXdipx: I can't be your spy knowing she was that freaking heartless, no, ty, sorry. not this time
MetallicaRulez9386: please rach I need her
MetallicaRulez9386: you*
MetallicaRulez9386: I need you*
xchipsXdipx: you still want her don't you?
MetallicaRulez9386: *sigh* more than anything
xchipsXdipx: fine, but don't say I never did anything for you
MetallicaRulez9386: aw, rach, you rule
xchipsXdipx: we knew that
xchipsXdipx: listen, what exactly is it that you want me to find out?
MetallicaRulez9386: maybe that sleaze mike put her up to it. he wants her to stay away from me... he wants to tear me and my love apart, I know it. maybe he's brainwashed her. find out that first, get her to trust you, and me... put in a few good words for me too.
xchipsXdipx: I'll try. I'm not sure how easy that'll be though
MetallicaRulez9386: you can do it, I believe in you
xchipsXdipx: umm... that's touching? and weird? yeah, you're starting to creep me out.
MetallicaRulez9386: lol
xchipsXdipx: like I said, I'll try my best to work out things with Kat, but no guarantees. I'm not sure if she hates me for hanging out with you or not.
MetallicaRulez9386: I don't think she does
xchipsXdipx: okay, well, I have to go... mom is calling me
MetallicaRulez9386: ok, later
xchipsXdipx: I'm out like a fat kid in a dodge ball game
MetallicaRulez9386: hey... that hurts, rach. majorly cold
::xchipsXdipx signed off::

"Hey Jon."
"Hey, what's going on with you?"
"Not much, you?"
"Same. Heard about you and Tyler. Harsh stuff goes down in the hearts of men, Kat. It's hard to overcome sometimes."
"I know, I was a mean, selfish, stick in the mud, party crasher and I shouldn't have been such a bitch to him -"
"Whoa, calm down. I meant harsh of him to do all that crap to Mike and the guys. I'm glad you got out of it when you did, it could have been real bad if you didn't."
"Aww, thanks, Jon."
"You still going to semi, or not so much now?"
"Not so much. I'm thinking I'm just going to call up Julz or Derek and talk for a bit. Everyone else I know is going."
"Well, actually me, Sam, Mike, Trevor and Sarah are getting together at my house for a movie night type thing. You're more than welcome to come."
"Awesome, I'll definitely be there. do we know what we're watching?"
"Not a clue."
"Sounds like a plan, ahah, count me in. Ohhh, wait: you have that funky look on your face, is Tina going?"
"Heh, yeah - I'm busted."
"I knew it. I'll catch up with you later."
"Yeah, see you."

With the semi looming, and Kat telling him to step off, Tyler was more determined than ever to make her his. He just wouldn't accept that she wouldn't go with him. He'd over heard her conversation with Jon, she already had other plans, but there were ways to make her change them. She'd said yes to him once. She would be wise to say yes to him again...

- - - -

Everything was on its way back up. She was rid of Tyler and there was a party on Saturday. All was good. She missed Derek, despite talking to him as often as she did. Julz she hadn't seen in a while, maybe Jon would let her come to the movie night. But everything was headed up; now only if she could keep it up there...

A/N: Sorry, yet another short chapter. Less time these days then I've thought. More should be up as soon as possible.