I wanna get away
I wanna stay right here
I wanna love
I wanna be loved
I wanna help
I don't know how
I'm so scared
I could face a monster
I'm mad at everyone
I love everything about the world
I cry every night
These are the happiest days of my life
I don't know what's happening
I know exactly what to do
I love you
I hate that I do
I need you
I've lived without you before
I need to fly
I'm scared to leave the ground
I wanna dance in the rain
I don't wanna get wet
My head is spinning
Everything's clear
I wanna be alone
I need to be with someone else
I wanna stand out from the crowd
But I just blend in
I'm scared of what might happen
I know it'll be ok
I wanna leave forever
I wanna live on
I wanna give up fighting
I wanna win for once
I wanna be ok
And somehow I know I will...