My heart beats faster,
Than the wild horses gallop
On the plains of eternity and ever-after,
And I don't think it'll ever come to a stop.

For him, his love, and his smiles,
My heart is a flaming fury,
And my mind is gone, it flies,
Throughout the universe, only him to see.

Then you come along, and you know,
How much I pity you, yet you still interfere,
You say you love him, and I must sink low,
And stay away, for his love for me you fear.

You would have me dead, agonizing,
Because you think I betrayed you,
Don't you see I loved him too? I was dying,
For a smile from him, and did what I had to.

Now he smiles for me, and we are friends,
So what would you have me do?
I cannot have our friendship come to hasty ends,
Because you hate I have beaten you.

Yet you did not budge, you sat and watched him,
I however, and so you knew, am a dancer,
And I had to go, dance away from the brim,
Of folly and craving for him, and I was luckier.

Luckier than you were, not daring move,
Despite the fact I did try help, and urged you to go,
Go talk to him, for he is the one you love,
Or so you say, yet my help away throw.

Now I will not ask for forgiveness,
It is something you should do, we are not lovers,
But he is a friend such as I've never had before this,
I do not care anymore, weep like all the others.

All other souls who did not seize their chance,
When the time was right, even though all was there,
They did not risk more than a little glance,
At their love, a golden angel most fair.

AN: This is personal experience too, lol, anyway you get the idea. I'm not
too proud of this but please, I really want to know what you think and
reviews are VERY appreciated.